New York Jets' Only Prayer in 2012 Is Turning to Tim Tebow's Hero Mode

Nick KostoraContributor IIISeptember 30, 2012

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 16 :  Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jets reacts after running for a first down against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 16, 2012 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh won the game 27-10.  (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It is time for Tim Tebow to finally put on his cape and save the damsel in distress: the New York Jets.

The Jets have struggled on offense, and the entire situation between Tebow and starter Mark Sanchez has become little more than a mockery at this point.

Start with the failed implementation of the Wildcat formation, as Tebow has rushed for only 38 yards with no touchdowns.

This offensive strategy has done little to benefit either signal-caller, but Sanchez has at least been given multiple chances to prove himself—and failed.

Sanchez's completion percentages in the last two games have been 37.0 and 46.7, respectively.

Defenses are able to key in on the Jets running backs because there is no threat with Sanchez under center.

The Jets have talent, and it is going to take the effort of a playmaker like Tebow to finally put that ability on display.

Last year, as the starter for the Denver Broncos, Tebow led the No. 1-ranked rushing attack in all of football.

He brings an energy, a spark and an excitement to an offense that cannot be accounted for.

Whether you are a Tebow believer, it is hard not to realize that Sanchez is a game manager quarterback at best.

He does not elicit enthusiasm or anticipation out of a fanbase.

Tebow does, and he does so because he is able to take no-hope situations and make something happen.

Is it ideal that he has a tendency to wait until the final quarter before taking over?

Obviously not. But with Tebow, there is always hope that the game could turn at any point.

With Sanchez you just have to hope that he doesn't do something stupid to hurt the Jets.

In 50 career games, Sanchez has 54 interceptions.

He is a constant threat to make a silly mistake and turn the momentum of the game away from New York.

Right now, even at 2-1, the Jets are in need of a hero.

They rank 20th in passing and 17th in rushing. There are few positive signs from the offense, and even fewer signs that Sanchez will ever live up to the expectations of being such a high draft pick.

New York does not need a mediocre player running the show.

They need someone that can make the extraordinary plays. Someone that can fly like a bird or a plane.

They need Tebow.