T20 World Cup 2012: Latest News and Results from Sri Lanka

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IISeptember 30, 2012

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

The world's biggest cricket tournament is well underway, and England is still making a bid to defend the title it earned in the last tournament. But it's not having an easy time of it. 

Will another team stand in its way—perhaps India, winners of the first tournament in 2007?

It hasn't been an easy road for the defending champs. England was almost eliminated during the group stages, when it beat Afghanistan but lost to India. Still, the top two finishers moved right along, and that included England.

In the Super Eight stage—where we currently stand—England has had a bit more success, earning two points thus far with a 1-1 record to sit in second in Group 1 (via IPLFight.com). England has lost to the West Indies but has beaten New Zealand, and next up, it faces host nation Sri Lanka on October 1.

As it stands, Sri Lanka is in first place in Group 1 with four points and a perfect 2-0 record. The West Indies (1-1) have two points and New Zealand (0-2) has zero points.

The competition is just as tight in Group 2, where Australia and Pakistan have been making things very difficult for South Africa and India. Australia beat India by nine wickets in their first matchup to earn two points, and Pakistan beat South Africa by two wickets to earn two points as well.

Next up in Group 2, South Africa takes on Australia, and Pakistan faces India on September 30. There are four matchups remaining for Group 2 in the Super Eight stage (and two for Group 1) before we move on to the Knockout stage, which will be held on October 4 and 5. The winner of Group 1 will face the runner-up in Group 2, and the winner of Group 2 will face the runner-up in Group 1.

From there, our final matchup will be determined and will be played on October 7.

The biggest matchup of the weekend, however, doesn't belong to England; that belongs to fellow Group 1 participant New Zealand, which takes on the West Indies in a matchup it must win if it wants to stay alive in this tournament, according to Zeenews.com. New Zealand dropped one matchup to Sri Lanka and its next to England, and after losing two straight, it has no choice but to beat the West Indies in order to keep playing past Sunday.

However, according to ZeeNews, New Zealand not only has to win, it has to win by a lot, and it needs an England loss in order to move on. So either New Zealand is going down, or the defending champs could be.

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