FIFA 13 and PES 2013 Release, Plus NBA 2K13 Demo Impressions on Franchise Mode

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 30, 2012

This past  week has been huge for sports video games. Both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 released, and NBA 2K13’s demo released on Tuesday. Is there a new virtual king in the world of virtual world football? No, but I’ll tell you why you should still give PES 2013 a look.

Also in this episode of Franchise Mode:


NBA 2K13 Demo Impressions

The shot-stick is the biggest gameplay innovation this year. Find out if the learning curve comes with an exciting and fulfilling payoff in gameplay.


WWE 13 Information Rollout

More and more finisher and entrance videos are being released for THQ’s wrestling title that is due out on October 30. This week’s batch includes Ken Shamrock, The Undertaker and others.



I’m going crazy with the FIFA 13 Creation Center. There are so many options available with this PC- and Mac-based application. Creating and sharing created teams and players works seamlessly. Check out what I have in mind to share with the FIFA 13 community.


Other Stuff

The Franchiseplay YouTube channel is loaded with FIFA 13 and PES 2013 coverage. In addition to that, NBA 2K13 coverage is beginning, and it will culminate with a full review here and on my YouTube channel. The regular series featuring NCAA Football, Madden 13 and others will continue after NBA 2K13 and WWE 13 have been released.


On the Hard Drive

This version of top plays is a reflection of the hottest games on the sports video gaming scene. There is a strong world football feel, but LeBron James certainly brings the thunder from the NBA 2K13 demo as well.

Check it out.


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