Building the Perfect Physical Appearance for a WWE Superstar

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Building the Perfect Physical Appearance for a WWE Superstar
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Critics of the WWE have often stated that Vince McMahon and his talent recruitment team are far more interested in body shape than wrestling skill. 

This analysis certainly has some grounding as a myriad of muscular failures have blighted the WWE over the past decade. Names like Nathan Jones, Chris Masters and Kevin Thorn have come along with much fanfare, but have failed to make an impact on the WWE Universe and have left the company without a single championship between them. 

Despite these failures, there is also an undeniable logic behind the desire to employ wrestlers with that certain bodybuilder shape. The majority of the biggest names in the industry have all shared certain physical characteristics, with the few exceptions tending to gain prominence at a time when talent is short.

These alternatively shaped wrestlers have often been superseded as the top name when a more traditionally shaped star can take his place, even if it is questionable if the newer superstar has more ability.  

Accepting the premise that these traditional-looking superstars will eventually rise to the top, even if other more talented superstars could be in their place, the obvious question becomes: What physical elements combine to make a top WWE superstar and why do these elements have such impact?

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