WWE: Why Sheamus vs Big Show Is Good News...for Dolph Ziggler

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Ed Webster at Wikimedia Commons
Photo Courtesy of Ed Webster at Wikimedia Commons

It's official: Sheamus will face The Big Show at Hell in a Cell. While most fans are dismayed, this is couldn't be better for Dolph Ziggler.

Big Show's match win over Randy Orton on SmackDown, where he was awarded the right to challenge Sheamus for the world title at Hell in a Cell, is a puzzlement at first.

Consider: The Hell in a Cell match is a beast. Since it first debuted at Badd Blood in 1997, there have been a total of 25 of these matches, 22 of them on PPV. Ever since Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker in the first one, Hell in a Cell has always been seen as the final nail to end a bitter feud.

Big Show just returned from a lengthy vacation. He and Sheamus weren't even feuding when he left. While he is always a formidable opponent, he shouldn't even be considered for a title shot right now.

So why throw Big Show and Sheamus into the cage so quickly? It isn't likely that Big Show will win given that a title has only changed hands three times in Hell in a Cell, the first time coming in 2009 when The Undertaker beat CM Punk.

No, putting these two together in this match is for one reason only: Dolph Ziggler is finally going to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. 

Ever since Ziggler won Money in the Bank on July 15, the WWE Universe has been salivating over his potential world title reign. History is on his side: 10 out of 11 men have successfully become champion after cashing in their briefcase.

Yet the WWE has been jerking Ziggler around as of late, having him be trampled by Sheamus in matches and run-ins, placing him in pointless feuds with Chris Jericho and basically painting him as less than a threat to the gold strap.

But perhaps this has all been to get the fans to forget that Ziggler gets a louder pop than most of the baby faces on SmackDown or that he has been compared to Shawn Michaels, as seen most recently in an article on WWE.com.

The WWE keeps putting Sheamus and Ziggler together. This past Friday on SmackDown the two got into a scuffle on MizTV. This can't be coincidence.

There is not a chance that Big Show is going to walk into Hell in a Cell and defeat Sheamus. Don't be surprised to see this happen: Sheamus and Show beat the hell out of each other for some time before Sheamus gets the pin. Show, incensed at the loss, will hit Sheamus with the WMD, knocking him flat on his back.

Then Ziggler is going to swoop in to pick the belt off his broken body.

The fans need to keep their eye on the bigger picture at this PPV. Sheamus vs. Big Show may be a snore, but seeing Ziggler raise the belt above his head after the match will be well worth the extra ZZZ's.