WWE News: WWE Developmental Diva Buggy Nova Enters Rehab

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 27, 2012

Courtesy Thedailyknockout.blogspot.com
Courtesy Thedailyknockout.blogspot.com

It appears WWE's developmental Divas are dropping like flies, as Shaul Guerrero was just granted her release, and now news is coming out that Buggy Nova is headed to rehab.

According to Ringbellesonline.com:

In other NXT Divas related news, the situation regarding the former Buggy Nova, aka Skyler Moon is still murky. Her profile has been missing from the NXT roster page for several weeks, but we’ve been unable to clarify exactly what’s going on. We’ll keep an eye on the story.

UPDATE: Further to the post earlier, we’ve received troubling word that Skyler/Buggy has, in fact, been checked into WWE sponsored rehab, which would explain her profile being gone from the NXT website and her absence from social media for the last month. It brings us no pleasure to report this news, but we hope she can deal with her issues. Her current status either in her rehab program or with the company at large remains unclear, but we wish her all the best at this time.

This is tough news, considering both had potential to help the current WWE Divas Division. Guerrero, in particular, would have been a solid fit to carry on her father's legacy. Granted, much like her mother, her mic skills are stronger than her ring skills, but nonetheless she is a Guerrero.

Now back to Nova, one can imagine that this has got to be as rough on her as it is on the company. Ultimately, Nova is getting help, which is a good thing, but one has to wonder if this counts as strike one for the future Diva.

Let's face it, the WWE has seen their share of stars come and go due to substance issues. Who's to say Nova is exempt from seeing her dreams shatter in front of her? However, Nova could pull out of this and be one of the few success stories that the company has witnessed.

I, for one, am hopeful that she will bounce back from this rehab stint and land herself a permanent spot on the main WWE roster. In the end, only time will tell what the future holds for Nova and the WWE.