Three Teams That Could Deal with the Player 81

john doeContributor IMarch 5, 2009

As a player, we all know what No. 81 can do on the field.  His stats are arguably those of a Hall of Famer.  We also know what his attitude has done to his teams (San Fran with Jeff Garcia, pro bowler.  Donavan McNabb and the Eagles, another pro bowler, last but not least the Dallas Cowboys with Antoinio Romiro Romo, and bowler).

The Player needs to be in a situation that has a strong locker presence.  Men amongst men.  Not strong front office personalities.  MEN that will pull the players tailcoat if he is going against the grain.

I personally think that any team can get the Player to act right if they reenact a scene from Full Metal Jacket.  Grab the Player in his sleep and beat him senseless with a soap bars in the inside of a sock!  You must establish dominance with the Player early and often.

All jokes aside here are three teams that could put the Player in his proper place and win with him...

The Pittsburg Steelers could bring in a person with The Players attitude and supervise him on every level possible.  They are winners first and foremost.  They have tradition.  The head coach with his convictions is growing a chin like Bill Cower even!  I would put my money on Heinz Ward, Bill Roethlisberger, and the whole defense to keep the player in line.

The next team would be the Baltimore Ravens.  I am currently having a discussion with a gentleman about this issue.  He thinks Flacco is too brittle to have a disruption such as the Player, however, I totally disagree. 

They (b-more) have a greater need for a playmaker than any other of the three teams I will mention.  Mason is not a No. 1 receiver.  He would benefit greatly from the double teams the Player would cause.  Todd Heap is a pro bowler and would benefit as well.  The running game would be assisted tremendously with someone who could stretch the field. 

The one thing about the Ravens is that they have a guaranteed Hall of Famer who will have only worn one jersey throughout his career.  Would you want Ray Ray mad at you?  He single handily strikes the fear of GOD into his entire division...let alone one spoiled brat.

Last but not least we have the New England Patriots.  Three rings out of four Superbowls.  Tom Brady arguably the best quarterback of his era.  Bill Belichick who has similar credentials as a head coach (plus two more rings with the Big Tuna as defensive coordinator).

They have already reformed a former prima donna in another No. 81.  Last I checked they still have Rodney Harrison...he may not be Ray Ray, but I wouldn't want him to hit me either!

Bottom line is it will take a strong locker room to deal with the Player.  The teams mentioned above have the best chance.  Not the rich and stupid like the Redskins, or the historic bad boys of the Raiders. 

I think one of these teams I referred to should give him an incentive latent deal for one to two years.  Put a no contact with the media clause in contract, and go out and win at least one championship...then proceed to cut him the very next day!