Would the WWE Benefit from Having Less Pay-Per-Views?

Cody GuinnContributor IIISeptember 29, 2012

Photo Courtesy of slwtofficial.blogspot.com
Photo Courtesy of slwtofficial.blogspot.com

It seems the WWE is always having to build for pay-per-views, even though it seems the stories it puts together don't always make a lot a sense. Is this because the WWE is forced to put storylines and such together overnight due to the current 12-PPVs-a-year schedule?

If so, or even if that isn't the reason, should the WWE consider looking into a new PPV schedule, such as putting on six shows a year?

I say yes, and I have no problem admitting that I've been thinking about this for nearly five years now. For one, I can't stand gimmick PPVs such as the upcoming Hell in a Cell. We shouldn't force two tag teams that have been feuding for two weeks to have a match in what was once only used in major storyline rivalries.

Same with matches like TLC and Money in the Bank; remember how fun it was to have the Money in the Bank match during WrestleMania? There is no need to destroy the reputation of these matches by featuring two or three of them in one night at one event.

Now, I enjoyed the WWE's PPV schedule back in the early 2000s, but I still feel it would be best to only feature six a year. I love the WWE, so I buy every PPV unless it is just a horrid card, but tell me, how many of you have bought every card in a year?

Just how many of you buy WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and maybe one more in a year? That is the point I'll make for those thinking, "Vince McMahon would never do that because he would lose money." Would he really? 

With this economy, as well as the fact that many fans are not very happy with the WWE product right now, there is no way every PPV are doing successful buyrates.

Therefore, just consider the idea of having this yearly schedule: 

January: Royal Rumble

March/April: WrestleMania

June: King of the Ring

August: SummerSlam

October: Survivor Series

December: Armageddon*

That would be my dream set-up for a six-PPV schedule, with December being a wild card—the WWE could feature either the return of Armageddon, the old WCW event Starcade or maybe even Extreme Rules, since that is an okay gimmick card.

Nonetheless, I feel the WWE would have a lot more time to build up for these events, which would lead to better storylines, a better feel for rivalries, as well as better buyrates on each event.

What do you think about the idea? Let me know in the comments below.

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