Terrell Owens: A Nightmare If He Joins New England

Jacob BradleyContributor IMarch 5, 2009

I was up pretty late last night when I heard on the radio that the Dallas Cowboys released WR Terrell Owens.

I was able to laugh myself to sleep, knowing how Owens' arrogance has cost him yet another job.

Then, my friend and I were discussing today the rumor of where Owens may end up, and my friend said he heard Indianapolis or New England.

This does not sit well with a Bills fan such as myself. If the Patriots do pick up T.O., they will have the biggest receiver tandem the NFL has seen in a long time, if ever, in Owens, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker.

Personally, I don't want Buffalo to have Owens, because while he has star traits and may very well be a future Hall Of Famer, he is way too arrogant and too much of a ball hog. But he can be an explosive player, and that's what scares me about him going to New England. That, and everything the Pats touch turns to gold.

So say he does go to New England, and if Owens would stop being such an arrogant jerk and Bill Belichick's strict coaching works, this could cause New England to be an even more destructive monster than in 2007. They would be able to get through defenses easier and destroy division rivals Miami, New York, and Buffalo.

On the other hand, they could, like the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys, end up self-destructing if T. O. keeps up his arrogant attitude and his selfish ways. The locker room will be filled with controversy and every week we will hear Owens saying things like "Randy and Tom are having secret meetings without me and Tom's gonna throw to him more and barely throw to me and...".

You get the point, and it could end up with him being gone in two years.

Either way, Owens will be a nightmare if he joins New England, either to opponents or to his own team.