NFL Replacement Officials Reach All-Time Low After Monday Night Football Debacle

Steven SlivkaCorrespondent IIISeptember 25, 2012

The replacement officials have gotten no respect from the players or coaches so far.
The replacement officials have gotten no respect from the players or coaches so far.Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

I'm a 23-year-old college kid raised in Las Vegas. In the midst of my brief existence on this earth, I've come to realize three things are certain: chocolate is delicious, women are impossible to figure out, and replacement referees have no business officiating NFL games.

After watching Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season, otherwise known as the worst weekend of officiating in professional sports, my stomach has grown ill over the fact that these guys are able to dictate the outcome of a professional football game.

Week 3 featured an illegal block in the back on the kicking team, an angry Bill Belichick grabbing the arm of an official, and what will now be regarded as one of the worst and most controversial calls in the history of professional sports after the Seattle Seahawks were given the game-winning touchdown against the Green Bay Packers.

How is it that these guys are still "regulating" these games?

The NFL has become the most marketable sport in the United States, yet commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to get this referee debacle resolved.

Three words: Pay the men.

When the regular officials are running the show, do you ever hear about them calling the game?


Why is that? Because they're doing the job they're supposed to do. With the exception of a couple missed calls throughout an entire NFL weekend, officiating is never the talk of the game. Now, every game has had several missed calls.

With these replacement refs trying to implement discipline and regularity in the NFL, every move they make is scrutinized and brought into question. There is absolutely no flow to any of the games, as we saw last Monday Night when the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos played until school started the next morning.

But this Monday night reached a new low for Roger Goodell and his inability to get on the same page with the regular officials.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the league and the officials are $3 million off in an industry that makes $9 billion a year.

Seriously? The league won't budge for $3 million?

It's become so comical that it's ruined the integrity of the game, and the fans are growing more impatient with every game that gets officiated poorly.

After Monday's loss, the Packers fell to 1-2. They now have more losses through three weeks than they had throughout the 2011 regular season. They also play in a very strong conference, and a highly competitive NFC North.

This "loss" could have serious implications on the rest of their season, and regardless of how they finish at the end of year, people will always look to the ending against the Seahawks and wonder how such an easy call could be so horribly botched.

The fact that the refs completely ignored Golden Tate's overly obvious pass interference on Sam Shields is beyond me. But the fact that Green Bay's M.D. Jennings' obvious interception of Russell Wilson's Hail Mary pass was so overlooked, it defies the laws of common sense.

When it was all said and done, one referee signaled touchdown while his colleague signaled to stop the clock because the pass was clearly intercepted.

Communication: another concept of which these replacement officials can't seem to understand the importance.

Enjoy the win Seahawks fans, because it's one you never should have had in the first place.

When asked about the push-off that wasn't called, Tate said (via that "he didn't know" what the reporter was talking about.

Really? He didn't know that he intentionally pushed Sam Shields to the ground? Bill Clinton was more believable when he told America he didn't have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Just admit that you did. Your team already got the win.

I get it, though. People want to give the replacement officials the benefit of the doubt because they're not used to being on this big of a stage. They teach middle school geography during the week and officiate games on Sunday.

In the scheme of things, Monday night was the climactic downfall for the replacement officials. If Goodell doesn't get this fixed, and soon, it will only be a matter of time before fans are storming the field and pure chaos erupts throughout stadiums across the NFL.

All because of $3 million.

In a time where the NHL is enduring its second lockout in seven seasons; the NBA is coming off a shortened season; and the NFL is one year removed from a lockout with replacement officials now "regulating games," MLB comes out of this looking like the premier league in America.

Who would've thought that Bud Selig would be the most reliable commissioner at any point in time?

Seriously Commissioner Goodell, the NFL is slowly becoming a joke, and the players and fans are blaming you because of it.