If Jay Cutler Leaves Denver, Where WIll He Wind Up?

Mark JohnsonContributor IMarch 5, 2009

After a few days of heat between Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler over a recent trade attempt, as well as rumors over Jay Cutler and another organization in a future trade, McDaniels came out to publicly declare that Jay Cutler will not be traded from the Denver Broncos.

However, according to NFL.com, "Multiple league insiders aren't convinced Cutler will remain in the Mile High City."

It is apparent that insiders believe the hole in the relationship between Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler will not be patched any time soon, leaving a "I play when I wanna play" (Randy Moss) situation as a possibility in the 2009 season.

Obviously, this is something neither party would like to see and could brings the possibility of a trade back to the table.

If Culter is to be traded, the obvious question on everyone's minds is, where?

There are a number of teams in the NFL this year who are in desperate need of a solid quarterback. Sure, there are still some quality quarterbacks out there that can play ball (Garcia and ...), but the idea of taking in a veteran QB is something that doesn't seem to appeal to most teams.

Also, one may bring up the notion of the draft holding a number of contending quarterbacks, like last year's Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, but the play is risky. Also, as we've seen, rookie quarterbacks do not make the big postseason runs. This puts a lot of power in the hands of Denver.

With the simple economic elements of supply and demand, there is only one young experienced quarterback on supply (Jay Cutler), and possibly five teams demanding a young experienced quarterback, putting Denver is in a good position to use economics to their advantage.


New York Jets

While taking on future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was seemingly a great move that had everyone talking up NYJ as a Super Bowl contender, his interception-to-touchdown ratio may have hurt more than helped. Rex Ryan seems to be persisting with the idea of building his team around a solid defense and running game.

However, as we have seen in Minnesota, that is all well and good until the playoffs come—then you find yourself begging for an experienced quarterback. Cutler would be a great addition and could put New York back in a position of being a top contender for the AFC East title over the Patriots.


San Francisco 49ers

Rumors were heating up as to whether or not the 49ers would pick up Kurt Warner. Now, with a deal in the works between Warner and the Cardinals, the 49ers must look elsewhere to recover their team from the slums below .500 (a place they have been stuck in for the past six seasons). Jay Cutler would have a great opportunity to reverse the trend.


Minnesota Vikings

All the pieces were in place and remain in place for Minnesota with the exception of a Quarterback who can lead. Bringing in Sage Rosenfels may be the answers for the Vikings, but the belief remains that the problem is not solved. The speculation continues.

With a quarterback such as Cutler in purple and gold, Minnesota could become the biggest threat in the NFC.


Detroit Lions

Enough jokes have been made, let's move on and acknowledge that this team needs help. Taking Matt Stafford and combining him with Calvin Johnson might be the answer, but I'm sure Detroit would like to see what they could do to get a proven quarterback under center. Speaking of center, using their picks to buff up that O-line wouldn't hurt.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Talk about a wild card at quarterback—Luke McCown may be the biggest threat to start. Tampa Bay expressed interest in getting Cutler earlier in the week when the three way trade was in progress between Denver, Tampa Bay and New England. Obviously it fell through, leaving the mess Denver faces today. Could they make another play for Cutler?


What will transpire, not even Josh McDaniels knows.