Terrell Owens Dropped Harder Than the Passes Thrown to Him

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMarch 5, 2009

Despite signing a lucrative contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys before last season, there was speculation that Terrell Owens would not return to the team this upcoming season.  Team owner Jerry Jones refused to address the issue, and even placed a gag order on his coaches and players from talking with the media.


The irony is that this comes the day after NFL Network aired the replay from his game-winning touchdown catch in the playoffs for the 49ers against the Packers.  Almost like the night Comedy Central aired a rerun of South Park that featured characters joining the "North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes" on the same night Brando died. Although Brando’s passing was something mourned, Owens’ is more of a celebrated event.


So what now for T.O., who, for the rest of this article, will be referred to as K.O.ed?  Where could he go now?  He’s managed to piss off team in every single time zone, and there’s still a bounty on his head in Philadelphia.


It’s funny how history repeats itself.  K.O.ed leaves a team the same time Donovan McNabb loses a conference championship game and demands the team bring in a receiver.  Will that happen?  Probably not.  But you can’t help but wonder what if.


Maybe not playing football is the best option for him.  Although Dancing With The Stars has already set its lineup, reality TV could be the way to go.  He was already set to start in his own reality show, but how many of us want to watch an unemployed man looking through the want ads and collecting unemployment checks?  Actually, since it would be him, I would Tivo it every time it was on.  I would pre-order the DVD.


And what’s next for the Cowboys?  Who’s going to be the one to step up to drop passes, complain, and cry during press conferences?  Chad Johnson said he’d love to play in Dallas.  Perhaps this could be the chance he’s been waiting for.  We haven’t seen him cry publicly yet, but after the season he had last year I’m sure he could find inspiration to bring out the tears.


Someone else could be Plaxico Burress.  Like K.O.ed, he was a troubled receiver who was dismissed from his team.  And he does have a criminal record now, so he should fit like a glove.  Like Johnson, he hasn’t shed too many tears to the press, but I’m sure all he’ll have to do is remember the way that bullet felt when it entered his skin.


Speaking of Burress, his former team, the New York Giants, have been mentioned as a possible destination for K.O.ed.  As a Giants fan myself, I must say that if the Giants do sign Owens, I will cancel my PSL.  Sure, Tom Coughlin is a disciplinarian, and it would be entertaining to see him yell and scream at him, but if Bill Parcells can’t straighten him out, how could Coughlin?


What about the Raiders?  Could this be the first time Al Davis would meet his match?  Doubt it.  If and when K.O.ed would act up Davis would simply cut him.  Forfeiting that money wouldn’t matter to Davis.  After all, there is no need for currency in hell.


And what about the poetic justice of being signed by the Detroit Lions?  The Cowboys gave up a pretty penny to get Roy Williams from there.  Maybe it’s time for the Cowboys to give back a receiver who is overpaid and under productive.