WWE WrestleMania 29: Since It's in the NY Area, Where Should WrestleMania 30 Be?

Drake OzSenior Writer IISeptember 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of a-listsports.blogspot.com
Photo courtesy of a-listsports.blogspot.com

The WWE will do something unprecedented in 2013: Host WrestleMania in a cold-weather outdoor stadium. 

Rather than having its flagship pay-per-view in an indoor stadium or warm-weather outdoor stadium, Vince McMahon’s company will head to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey for WrestleMania 29. 

Of course, the biggest potential problem with doing so is the weather. It’s probably not exactly going to be hot and sunny in the New Jersey area at the time, and chances are that the WWE Superstars won’t be wrestling in ideal weather conditions. 

The weather isn’t the only concern surrounding WrestleMania 29, though. Since it was revealed that Mania will take place in the NY/NJ area, a new debate has started: Where will WrestleMania 30 take place? 

History tells us that it will be in Madison Square Garden, which, of course, is in New York. 

WrestleManias 1, 10 and 20 have all emanated from “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” which naturally has led many wrestling fans to speculate that WrestleMania 30 will follow suit and take place in MSG as well. According to F4WOnline.com (via WrestlingInc.com), there are some within the WWE who think that WrestleMania 30 will still take place there. 

But there are two things that I think could certainly prevent that from happening: The size of Madison Square Garden and the fact that holding WrestleMania 30 there would essentially give the same place WrestleMania two years in a row. 

While I’m a big fan of WWE shows taking place in the raucous Madison Square Garden, the WWE has recently shifted toward holding WrestleMania in stadiums that can seat 60,000 or 70,000-plus fans. 

You can’t do that in Madison Square Garden. 

The Garden only holds about 20,000 fans, which means that the WWE will be relying on about one-third the amount of fans to make the same profit. Even if it drastically increases ticket prices (which probably wouldn’t be a good move), it would be damn near impossible for the WWE to make up the losses it will have by having 50,000 or so fewer fans. 

That’s precisely why I think we can scratch MSG off the list of potential hosts for WrestleMania 30. It would be nice for historical and nostalgic purposes, but beyond that, it doesn’t make much sense for the WWE to hold it there. 

So if not Madison Square Garden, then where? 

The ideal host stadium for WrestleMania 30—well, at least in my mind—would be Jerry Jones’ $1 billion-plus masterpiece in Arlington, Texas: Cowboys Stadium. 

The issue? As I wrote way back in January, there is a scheduling conflict with the WWE’s desired WrestleMania dates and the NCAA basketball tournament that almost assures this won’t happen. 

That’s very unfortunate for the WWE because Cowboys Stadium could very well hold more than 100,000 fans for a wrestling event, smashing attendance records galore and raking in millions upon millions for the WWE in the process. 

I guess it’s on to “Plan C,” though no one seems to know exactly what that plan will be. 

With the two likeliest options (Madison Square Garden and Cowboys Stadium) seemingly off the table, the WWE has to go back to the drawing board and figure something out. 

One choice that I think makes a lot of sense is the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada . 

The Rogers Centre is, of course, located in one of the best wrestling cities around. WrestleMania X-8 was held there, and the electric crowd helped make it one of the most memorable WrestleManias in history. 

Oddly enough, though, the WWE hasn’t held a WrestleMania in that building since then, and there hasn’t been a WWE PPV in Toronto whatsoever since Unforgiven way back in 2006. 

I wrote an article earlier this week about 7 Cities That Deserve to Host a WWE PPV, and it’s not a coincidence that I had Toronto at the top of the rankings. 

Although WrestleMania will draw just about anywhere because fans from all over the world typically attend the show, there’s nothing better than seeing a WWE PPV in a city that loves its wrestling. 

Toronto always fits that bill, but after it’s had such a lengthy absence without hosting a PPV, the crowd is sure to turn out in droves for the WWE’s biggest show of the year. 

After all, the last time WrestleMania was held in the Rogers Centre, WrestleMania X8 set the stadium’s attendance record. 

And the record it broke? WrestleMania VI. 

If WrestleMania 30 heads to our neighbors to the north one more time, it’ll fall again.

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