Darrelle Revis: Knee Injury to Jets' Star CB Will Destroy Volatile Franchise

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Darrelle Revis: Knee Injury to Jets' Star CB Will Destroy Volatile Franchise

If there is a stabilizing force on the New York Jets, it is Darrelle Revis. For all the problems this franchise has, it knows it can rely on No. 24 to shut down half the field every Sunday or Monday to make life easier on the rest of the secondary. 

In Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins, the slow-crumbling foundation of the Jets appears to have washed away. In the third quarter, Revis went down clutching his knee with a non-contact injury and was carted off the field. 

Head coach Rex Ryan confirmed everyone's worst fears on Monday by announcing that Revis did tear his ACL and will require surgery. 

Ignore their 2-1 record for a moment, because no one who has seen this team play, particularly in the last two games, believes they are going to stay in contention for too much longer, with or without Revis. 

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They should be counting their lucky stars they played the Dolphins on Sunday, because with a quality team the Jets would have been run off the field. It was a complete mess in every facet of the game. 

But you take away the best playmaker on the team, and arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, from a franchise that has no structure at the top, constant talk of quarterback controversies, a fanbase ready to throw the entire organization under a bus, and what are you left with?

Ryan was the hot kid on the block in his first two seasons with the team, helping them get to two AFC Championship Games, but lately his act seems to be wearing thin. He has gotten much quieter as his team has taken several steps back from their playoff days of 2009 and 2010. 

Revis was the glue that kept this whole thing in check ("check" being a very relative term in this instance). He was the one sure thing the Jets had to rely on week in and week out; even when he didn't play in Week 2 due to a concussion, there was no real sense of panic because they knew he would return soon. 

Now, with Revis done the entire season, the Jets don't have that rock to plug into the starting lineup on a weekly basis. The face of their franchise and soul of the team on the field is gone. 

This franchise, like Walter White on Breaking Bad, is a time bomb just waiting to go off, especially with Revis out. 

When that happens, all that will remain is chaos, which is the perfect way to describe the Jets in 2012. 

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