Terrell Owens: Where Will He Go?

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2009

The news hit the Internet like a tornado this morning. First reported by ESPN and later confirmed by every news outlet in the country, the Dallas Cowboys have cut troubled wide out Terrell Owens.

While the cut has been rumored for weeks now, many assumed that Jerry Jones would never actually pull the trigger on the deal. Today, we found out the Dallas Cowboys' owner has the grapefruits to make moves. Now that T.O. is gone the question is, what is next?

Terrell Owens is a hall-of-fame-caliber receiver. Don't believe me? Look at the numbers, they are ridiculous. Last season, Owens had more touchdown passes alone than 15 other teams entire receiving cores. All together Owens accounted for 69 receptions 10 touchdowns for 1,052 yards. On the field T.O. is worth every bit of the $34 million contract. However, obviously it is his off the field issues that keeps Owens on the hot list.

When looking at potential suitors for Terrell Owens, it is almost easier to look at the teams that will not take the troubled receiver.

Here is a list of teams T.O. will not play for in 2009.

Dallas Cowboys

Well this one is obvious.

Philadelphia Eagles

Again pretty obvious that T.O. will not make a return to the city of brotherly love, not as long as Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are still there.


Kansas City Chiefs

While the Chiefs need a deep-play threat, new head coach Todd Hailey and T.O. did not get along during their time together in Dallas, so you cannot expect them to mend their fences now.


New England Patriots

Yes, the Patriots like to take troubled players. The problem is T.O. and Moss do not like each other. Cross another team off the list.


Minnesota Vikings

Brad Childress was in Philadelphia during the T.O. experiment, and these two flat out don't like each other.

Now that we know the places that Terrell Owens will not suit up next season, let's look at where the star player could end up relocating.


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were one of the 15 NFL teams that failed to have a 1000-yard receiver. They need an upgrade, and remember T.O. flirted with the Ravens once before.


New York Jets

The Jets are in the post Brett Favre rebuilding era. Adding a big-play receiver would be a step in the right direction.


New York Giants

The whole situation with Plax has the Giants in disarray. The Giants certainly need a big play receiver, their chances of a repeat went down the toilet the moment Burress shot himself.


Washington Redskins

Skins fans have been clamoring for a big receiver for years now. Dan Snyder loves to make big splashes in the news. After all, his favorite NFL owner is Jerry Jones. Don't be surprised when T.O. lands in Washington D.C.

The next few weeks leading into the NFL draft and this offseason will be very interesting as T.O. is shopped around to find a new home. Look for Owens' contract negotiations to go along the same lines as the Manny contract talks went in MLB.  All of this means that, with this economy and with T.O.'s history of wrecking teams, the list of potential suitors could be very short.

In addition, at 35 years old and 13 seasons already under his belt, Owens is not buying green bananas, and the likelihood of any sort of a long-term deal has to be seriously doubted.

All I can say is get your popcorn ready.