Why Terrell Owens Will NOT Be a Minnesota Viking

Dennis ShayContributor IMarch 5, 2009

I enjoyed reading Tanner Thom's story "Why Terrell Owens Will Be A Minnesota Viking", so much I thought it deserved a rebuttal. So here it is:

All right Viking fans, we are going to take a trip down recent memory lane. It is Week Two of the 2008 season and the Minnesota Vikings are coming off a tough loss to the Green Bay Packers.

The Indianapolis Colts come to the dome and despite a marginal Viking lead at halftime, Peyton Manning does what an MVP does and leads his team to a fourth-quarter comeback and ultimately a loss for the now 0-2 Vikings.

After the game there were numerous reports of yelling and bickering coming out of the Vikings locker room. At this juncture, Coach Childress had to make a move to retain and gain chemistry on his team. He changed quarterbacks after only two games into the season to ensure that the team stayed together. 

Now, as far as I can tell, the best thing that Childress has done since coming to the Vikings from the Eagles is minimize immaturity and egos among the players in Minnesota.

I believe this is his best area, because even though shouts were heard coming out of the locker room after a tough loss to Indy, the players were able to gel together and start winning football games.

Childress, probably more than anyone, knows that a Terrell Owens type player could tear his team apart. Following a Division Championship season, expectations for the Vikings are higher than they have been since Denny Green left. 

I believe, considering that Childress' employment following the season is more than likely contingent on the progression of the team, that the coach of the Vikes will not bring in someone that has the potential to ruin any chemistry a division title brings. 

If it happens that the Vikings start 0-2 again next season, Terrell Owens may be the difference between Childress adjusting a few positions to bring better chemistry and having to adjust the whole team. I think Brad Childress wants to keep his job. Owens will NOT be a Minnesota Viking!