Detroit Lions Add Another Starter to the Secondary

David McClureCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Detroit has landed Philip Buchanon, a free agent out of Tampa Bay, on a two-year deal worth approximately $8.5 million.

At 5'11" and weighing in at 186 lbs. Buchanon recorded 52 tackles last season for the Bucs. He also forced one fumble and had two interceptions. The two interceptions were returned for a total of 33 yards. One, a 26-yard return, went for a score.

Buchanon is known as a quiet guy off the field. He seems to stay low key. He is the cousin of NFL Defensive End Javon Kearse.

During his time in Miami he was both a corner and a punt returner. He returned two punts for touchdowns.

Buchanon has bounced around some in the league with short stints with several teams. Drafted 17th overall by the Oakland Raiders, he racked up 122 tackles and recorded 11 interceptions.

After three years he moved on to Houston in exchange for a second and third round pick in 2005. His two seasons were far less productive than in Oakland and he was released early in the season in 2006.

Buchanon was signed the next day by the Bucs and finished the year with 24 tackles and two interceptions. He took over for the injured Brian Kelly in 2007 and never gave the spot up. 2007 was his most productive year to date.

Buchanon is believed to be in his prime right now and is believed to be a guy that will only get better. He is 28 years old and should have several good years ahead of him.

Buchanon's addition gives the Lions two solid starters on the corners and a at least one solid back up in Eric King.

A hole still remains in the secondary at the strong safety spot after the release of Dwight Smith.

It is believed that the Lions will try to add at least one secondary player during the 2009 NFL Draft.