Oakland Raiders and Terrell Owens a Perfect Match?

Joseph LopezCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

I am in no way saying that T.O would want to come to Oakland, but I am saying it'd be a perfect match for him. Earlier today, the Dallas Cowboys cut Pro-Bowl WR Terrell Owens, and with the Raiders in need of some offense, adding T.O. would make sense for both sides.

The Oakland Raiders who finished 5-11 and three games back of the Chargers and Broncos, struggled on offense throughout the season. It was a rough year for Quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who often looked like a bust.

But, in a "perfect" world (a world without Al Davis), signing T.O. would make perfect sense. By adding Owens, the Raiders would instantly be improved on offense, and would be adding another weapon that Russell could use.

Adding T.O. alone would not solve all of Oakland's problems.

The Raiders are in need of a big marketable player, someone who's an established leader, and someone who can restore the confidence that was lost after the Superbowl meltdown. And, I'm not sure T.O. is that kind of guy.

As I've said, the two would make a perfect couple. The Raiders are as dysfunctional as T.O. is, and the two would sure entertain us all.

And why not? The Raiders have made other bone-head moves in the past, and they've definitely wasted money on players that never performed to their expectations. So, why not go after T.O? Tell me, what do the Raiders have to lose if they do?

If I were in charge of the Raiders, I'd go after T.O. just for the mere fact that the guy is a heck of an athlete. Then, I'd go and look to trade for some mar-key talent. And though the Raiders were bad on offense, their defense needs major upgrades, too.

Kudos, though, for the Raiders locked up Asomugha (even if it was at a ridiculous amount of money).

The 2009 Oakland Raiders have absolutely nothing to lose if they decide to go after T.O. Sure, they'd be adding a guy who could turn on them at any given moment, but that isn't anything new for the Silver and Black.

The main problems for the Raiders are commitment, leadership and talent. They have no commitment (I've lost count to how many coaches Davis has fired), they haven't had a true leader since the "Gannon-Era", and they don't have much talent on the field.

But, one thing is for sure, T.O would have no problem fitting in with Oakland's lack of respect, leadership or commitment...yes, he would definitely fit in.


**Please note that this is just my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Raiders fan. But I can swallow my pride to say that our team really needs a great deal of change. And if you're unwilling to admit that the Raiders are in desperate need of some change, then you're just lying to yourself. In advance, please feel free to comment on the article. I enjoy all of your comments, and I respect your opinions.