Kansas City Chiefs: New-Look Team Has Some Thinking To Do

Tyler SimmonsContributor IMarch 4, 2009

This offseason has already brought a boatload of changes to the Chiefs, who finished with an abysmal 2-14 record in 2008. Those changes are sure to affect what the team plans to do with the third overall pick in April's NFL Draft. 

The changes include firing head coach Herm Edwards and bringing in former Arizona offensive coordinator, Todd Haley. 

Haley is sure to have a lot of influence on what they do with the pick. 

In Arizona, he brought an offensive team to the Super Bowl with two stellar wide-outs in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. 

So of course it's a possibility he would want another one of those wide-out duos in Kansas City. Picking Crabtree would give him just that.

Dwayne Bowe and Crabtree sure sounds great to me. 

Another change that happened was the trade that sent New England a second round pick, and brought QB Matt Cassell and veteran LB Mike Vrabel to Kansas City. 

The acquisition of Cassell puts to rest the idea of drafting Mark Sanchez.

But does the acquisition of Vrabel affect the Chiefs need to draft OLB Aaron Curry? I definitely wouldn't think so. 

If you're going for a long-term, build bottom-to-top plan like Kansas City is, then Vrabel's arrival has nothing to do with this pick. In fact, pairing Curry and Vrabel to go with Derrick Johnson in the middle (Johnson has proven he can be moved to the middle) then that sounds like quite a linebacking trio. 

That's about all of the major headline moves the Chiefs have made, (I don't see the releasing of Patrick Surtain, Donnie Edwards, or Damon Huard to be too big, but they're notable) but what about some headlines in the draft?

Crabtree had surgery recently on a stress fracture in his left foot. The recovery time is an expected eight to 10 weeks, but I hope Kansas City doesn't take that news into their decision about whether or not to draft him. 

The fact that they can't clock his 40-yard dash time shouldn't mean anything. There's been a ton of players who run great 40 times, but can't play a lick of football. 

Look at the video, and what he's done against Big 12 competition. The man can flat out play!

If they're not looking in that direction and they decide Curry is not the case, then an offensive lineman is the next option. 

I see this as doubtful, and I haven't heard much buzz about Kansas City picking a lineman, but if they do I see them going with Jason Smith out of Baylor or possibly Eugene Monroe out of Virginia.

Another option, which is more probable than picking an offensive lineman, is trading down. 

I doubt they do this either, but if Crabtree's injury is worrisome to the Chiefs, and they don't have as much interest in Curry as they thought, then I don't see them committing that much money to a player they're not 100 percent sold on. 

The question is, who would be a taker? 

Nobody that I can come up with myself. 

Does that mean no team would?

No, just nobody stands out as a real taker.

So right now, the Chiefs have been given a number of choices of what to do with their third overall pick. 

After analyzing those choices, it's still up in the air as to what they should do. I don't even have a choice that I am 100 percent on. 

I guess what I'm leaning towards is a Crabtree pick. I would love to see if Haley can do with a Bowe-Crabtree combination the same thing he did with a Fitzgerald-Boldin combination.