Raiders Analysis: A Closer Look at Javon Walker

SonnyCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

When it became apparent Denver would release Javon Walker and he would become a free agent, Michael Smith of reported that "at least 10 teams," including all four NFC East franchises, were in contact with Walker's agent.

I have read the 49ers, Bills, Panthers, and Vikings also reached out to Walker's agent Kennard McGuire regarding Walker. And that does not include the Oakland Raiders, who ended up signing Walker.

By my count, that is almost half of the teams in the NFL that had showed interest in signing Walker.  From reading and listening to many articles and reports regarding Walker by most of the media, Walker is a washed up player with a gimp knee.

Why would all these teams in the NFL jump to sign, and I am paraphrasing, "an injured flash in the pan wide receiver with no better then Jerry Porter talent?"

One reason pointed out by the Pittsburgh Gazette's Gerry Dolac reffered to when Pittsburgh assigned its best CB Ike Taylor to cover Walker during a game.  Walker caught six passes for 134 yards including two 10-yard fades for touchdowns against Taylor.

And that does not include Javon Walker's 72-yard touchdown run on a reverse. 

This same Steelers CB had covered Randy Moss, Chris Chambers, and Chad Johnson earlier in the season and did not allow a touchdown by any of the receivers.

A quote by Ike Taylor after the game, "Mama said there would be days like this."

When Bill Belichick was asked at a press conference on Sept. 20, 2006, how close the Pats were from receiving a visit from Javon Walker Belichick laughed, "How close?  About four plan reservations.  He was close to being on the plane to coming here but never made it."

Javon Walker is a big, strong receiver with speed. He is strong enough to get off the line and has the speed to stretch the field.

Javon Walker is a No. 1 receiver and a go-to guy who can run all the routes. Walker goes after the ball in the air and has freakish athletic talent.

Walker is a vertical playmaker who excels with double moves and deep routes off the play action.  Javon Walker is an elite wide receiver and that is why so many teams tried to sign him.

The Oakland Raiders have not had a true No. 1 wide receiver for a while, and it was a need.  With a QB like JaMarcus Russell, you have to surround him with players he can get the ball to.

Reports are that Walker is fully healthy and has been working out in Arizona getting ready for his first season in the silver and black.

And one thing is almost guaranteed, Walker will at least have two killer games a year when the Raiders play Denver.  That I cannot wait to see.