WWE: If Randy Orton Makes a Heel Turn, Who Will Turn Face?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IISeptember 21, 2012


There are rumors and speculation running all throughout the WWE that Randy Orton (this according to Ben Kerin of WrestlingNewsSource.com) is clamoring for a "heel" change in his character.

If there is anyone on the current roster that could switch sides (again) and have it truly mean something in the WWE, maybe Orton is the logical choice.

But with all changes in the course of WWE history and chemistry, who makes the turn to balance the lines of power?

Like I have said in the past, the WWE is loaded with talented heels and the division of "heel vs. face" is as uneven within the company and it has been in years. With younger talents being the main heels of the company (Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro), I cannot see how this will change anytime soon.

However, here are a few thoughts.

Wrestlers like Rhodes, Ziggler and even The Miz are popular heels. And while their styles of wrestling are so "over the top" at times, that fans cannot help but love the antics, the work on the microphone and the overall package. Rhodes spent time as a face, winning tag team gold with Bob Holly before he made the switch to the dark side.

Ziggler is a contrast of sorts. A little Chris Jericho, a little Randy Savage and some HBK all rolled into one. And he may be the most entertaining character in the WWE right now. Forget Vickie Guerrero, who I think will be cast away soon from this angle. Ziggler is the future of this company, period.

I did not like The Miz when he first burst on the scene, but I have grown to appreciate his talents in the ring. Like JBL, I thought he was just a reality show flash in the pan as well. Miz is everything a heel should be and is becoming a more solid worker with each passing week.

The great thing about all three of these stars is they can all sell. Last year, CM Punk made them superstars, and they in turn are doing the same thing for their opponents.

With the news of Orton’s desire to make the character change, I personally think Rhodes would be the logical choice because of where he is right now in relation to the other two superstars.

When it comes to other wrestlers like Cesaro, Tensai or a Damien Sandow, their characters are developed in such a way that “heel” status is the only way they can be great right now.

I personally think—in the future—Cesaro could be developed into a Triple-H like enforcer in this company.

For now, however, we wait and see what happens. I predict Orton will get his way and the WWE will scurry to make the proper adjustments. Well, adjustments anyway. Whether they are proper or not is still up in the air. The WWE has not done the best to balance the lines of power and this move could certainly tip the scales even further in one direction over the other.