Shaquille O'Neal vs. Dwight Howard: Who's the Real Superman?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

Before Tuesday night's matchup of the Orlando Magic against the Phoenix Suns, there were a few words exchanged from Shaq regarding to Dwight Howard.

Shaq made some harsh comments to CBS on whether Howard could be the next Shaq, stating, "I was the type of player that they had to have secret meetings and change the rules and do all that. Probably never be another me. He's a good player, but everything he's done, I've invented. So I'm not impressed.

Shaq also told Sports Illustrated about Howard channeling Superman, saying, "Doesn't bother me. I can't be impressed by something I invented in '92. I mean, you look at what he is doing, I've been there and done that. Every street he is driving down in Orlando, I have been on that street. Every nightclub, every restaurant. ... I have been there and done that. Until he wins three, four championships, then we can talk about him. But right now, he is just like every other big guy: 'You can run and jump, but you haven't won yet."

Ouch! Those are some harsh words to say to a young and dynamic player like Dwight Howard. Howard is known all-around the world as one of the most prolific and dominate big men in the NBA today, does Shaq have the right to say stuff like that?

The match up game was not what everyone expected it to be. Shaq and Dwight were in foul trouble for the most part of the game as Howard only played 10 minutes during the first half. The Magic ended the game with a W as Howard scored 21 points and eight rebounds while big Shaq daddy dropped 19 points and 11 rebounds.

After the game, Orlando Magic's Head-Coach Stan Van Gundy spoke his mind, calling out Shaq for flopping against Dwight Howard.

Van Gundy stated, "I was shocked, seriously, shocked,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said of O’Neal’s flopping. “And very disappointed, ’cause he knows what it’s like. Let’s stand up and play like men, and I think our guy did that tonight."

Will Shaq retaliate to Van Gundy's remarks?? I guess we will have to wait around and see!

Just in case you missed the disappointing and embarrassing flop Shaq maneuvered on the new Superman, here is another look!