Elite Quarterbacks Brees, Brady and Rodgers All off to Slow Starts

Eric Wagenmaker@theREALewagsContributor IISeptember 17, 2012

Saints quarterback Drew Brees could be in for a long season.
Saints quarterback Drew Brees could be in for a long season.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Here are a few headlines you didn’t expect to see two weeks into the season:

New Orleans Saints: 0-2 (losing to the Redskins and Panthers)

New England Patriots: 1-1 (losing the Cardinals at home)

Green Bay Packers: 1-1 (losing to the 49ers at home)

Matthew Stafford has twice as many interceptions (four) as touchdown passes (two).

Michael Vick and the Eagles begin 2-0 despite 9 turnovers.

The NFL is full of irony year in and year out, but there are typically a few things you can count on. One being consistent quarterback play in a passing-driven league that favors high-octane performances and also guys like Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers playing MVP-caliber football from the outset.

One question that begs an answer—“Are these future hall of fame quarterbacks coincidentally all having slow starts or has the game finally caught up with them and their aging arms and legs?”

There is no doubt that the offseason melee of 2012 has negatively affected the Brees and the Saints. The two teams they have lost to this season combined for only 11 wins last season and feature a rookie and a second-year quarterback respectively (albeit with elite-level potential).

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots handled the Tennessee Titans in Nashville in Week 1, but faced a dominating defense at home vs. Arizona on Sunday afternoon that wouldn’t allow their offensive deficiencies get in their way of a 2-0 start.

Brady’s performance was not horrible by any accounts, but was obviously hampered by the Cardinals defensive presence.

Aaron Rodgers, despite the win Thursday night at home against Chicago, only accounted for just over 200 passing yards with one touchdown and one interception. He looked even more rattled at home vs. a daunting 49ers defense that seems to be the best in the league at the moment.

Like Rodgers, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford couldn’t figure out the 49ers defense either on Sunday night. In fact, with four interceptions to only two touchdowns this season, he’s yet to figure out any defense.

Michael Vick and the Eagles have barely squeaked by on two, one-point victories in consecutive weeks despite nine total turnovers. From what I have seen, it’s the same old Michael Vick, running around trying to make plays, taking punishing hits and throwing interceptions. If Vick keeps this up, it’s going to be another wretched season for the Eagles, however, if they find away to protect the ball, they could be unstoppable.

Folks, I know that we are only two weeks into this season, and if NFL football has told us anything, it’s not to put any stock into what you see this early, but history has also shown us superstars who we expect to showcase their very best week in and week out. Very rarely do we see such a slow start out of almost every great quarterback this league has to offer.

All of these slow starts could just be a coincidence, or we might be witnessing the beginning of the end for a few aging quarterbacks.

But we’ll do what we do every other time we are faced with weekly NFL irony: Wait until next week.