Division Debate: Joe Crede Dons a Minnesota Twins Jersey

Marty AndradeSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

Human mortality wouldn't be such a struggle for mankind if it weren't coupled with the slow and methodical collapse of our physical bodies. What men ought do with the finite days of their lives is a question which belongs to philosophy.

What Joe Crede will bring to the Twins in 2009 is a question which belongs on the Bleacher Report.

My respected BR colleague and White Sox fan extraordinaire, Chris Pennant, has tackled the question of Joe Crede's move to Minnesota already. I say respected colleague now, before the start of the season; but come April the blood feud between the White Sox and the Twins begins anew.


Then Pennant will become just another casualty, collateral damage in the Twins march to the playoffs.


Pennant supposes Crede will bring tears to White Sox fans as he brings his “clutch” hitting to the Twins. And yes, from my own memory I do remember Joe Crede always seeming to come up with a clutch hit or an impossible grab at third base which stopped a Twins' rally cold.


Could Joe Crede be the Homeric hero who brings to the Twins the glory of a division title?


I don't think so.


As I said, humans are mortal and humans age. Our skin and flesh struggles against the elements and time itself. And time never loses.


Crede has already had a great deal of back problems. He hasn't played in more than a 100 games in two years. His defense, as measured by his Zone Rating (specifically RZR from the Hardball Times) and Range Factor has been falling in the last few years. He'll be 31 years old this season.


Time is likely up for Joe Crede.


Crede is likely a non-factor for the Twins this year. Offensively he's no better than other players the Twins have around. Brian Buscher came into Twins camp swinging a sweet bat; Brendan Harris projects to be a better bat than Joe Crede and the Twins have two young players (Danny Valencia and Steve Tolleson) who could be ready for The Show by midseason..


The Twins spent millions of dollars to move laterally...


Assuming Crede can even stay healthy.


Since Corey Koskie left the Twins third base has been a sore spot. Finally, there is some talent inside the organization ready to fill the void Koskie left. Unfortunately the tendency to overvalue veterans the Twins have shown over the years has yet to subside.


The Twins have a good team. As for Crede, he will likely make no difference whatsoever throughout the year. If he makes it that long.