WWE NOC 2012: Why the WWE Dropped the Ball with the DiBiase Return

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012


After a considerable amount of time out of action with an injury, third-generation superstar Ted DiBiase made his return at the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Well, sort of.

He was one of the entrants in the 16-man No.1 contender battle royal for the US Championship before the PPV aired.

Did he have a Cody Rhodes/Miz-esque 2012 Royal Rumble showing to regain credibility to his character? Negative. He was one of the first people eliminated.

This was a horrible decision by the WWE. They are in desperate need of top babyfaces. Not only for now, but also to groom for years ahead, with the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton eventually having to be weaned out of that position.

If returning at the battle royal was indeed the best option they had for DiBiase, he could have at least won. Additionally, he would not lose clean to Cesaro in his following match, thus starting a feud between the two for the US Title.

DiBiase has what it takes to be a top guy in the WWE. Being hesitant to make the go-ahead decision to polish stars to be at the main-event level cannot be afforded, seeing how the top babyfaces have been in that position for quite some time, and do not have very much time left to continue to fill that void.

And let's admit it: the top babyface—John Cena—got a ton of heat, even in his home town. Now that is something to be concerned about.

With Cena's heat, Orton's revolving door in and out of the WWE right now, Mysterio's midcard status, Punk's heel turn, and Sheamus' "Super Cena 2.0" showcase, a solid, pure babyface is urgently needed right now.

Ted DiBiase should be that guy—but I guess the WWE disagrees, as of now. Hopefully the door doesn't shut completely on that possibility.


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