Ray Lewis: An Oakland Raider Attitude, He May Soon Be Wearing the Uniform!

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 4, 2009

Okay, everyone knows we need defense. What better free agent to grab than the highly volatile, pounding hitter, Ray Lewis. I can really see this as a benefit  for the Silver-and-Black ATTACK! Do you really think that RB's in the AFC West would be able to avoid the power of Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis would bring some heart to the Raider defense and that"s what this writer would love to see. We have a decent line now with Howard, Morrison, and Sands, whom many say is not constant. I am hoping that Cable will work him to the bone and make him a better run stuffer this year. If not, then I say let Sands go.

The Raiders could also use a better pass rusher and I think with Ray Lewis out there we should be able to stuff the run. Ray Lewis would be a great player to sign. He has the speed, attitude, and above all he has the determination and the FIRE the Raiders have been needing since 2001.

Unlike Sapp, Ray Lewis is always on top of his game no matter what team he plays for. I don't believe he would decline nor bag on his own team. I believe he would be instrumental in building the old Raider image of toughness, and folks...THIS IS WHAT OAKLAND HAS LACKED!! 

We need a new Tatum out there. The last time I saw a great hitter was Charles Woodson. Lately, I have seen McFadden play some serious football. The guy is an all around Raider. Another great thing is that the Raider are finally filled with young players that play at Ray Lewis' level. 

We all know Nnamdi is the best CB in the NFL. We all know that McFadden will be even more explosive this year. So let's get an aggressive player like Lewis to add to the Silver and Black.

I am sure that Al Davis is working in the back field somewhere out of sight putting a deal like this together. Ray Lewis meets all the qualifications. Mature, spirited, he knows football and can read the offensive lines. He is good for another four great years of hard-hitting action.

The Raiders needs players that attack opponents with hits so intense, they inspire fear in the RBs of other teams.

Do I want to see Ray Lewis pound LaDanian Tomlinson or and RB that Denver will try to use. Yes, I will take that any day on any time Sunday or Monday Night Football. The Raiders will be playing some good teams next season and someone like Ray Lewis will make these games even more eventful to watch.

Ray Lewis clearly looks like a Raider. He has the heart of a Raider and is so worth signing up when we release the overpaid Javon Walker. Go Oakland Raiders