WWE Night of Champions 2012: John Cena Will Earn Belt in Front of Hometown Fans

Ethan Grant@DowntownEGAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2012

Photo Credit: Skysports.com
Photo Credit: Skysports.com

Most of the predictions and speculation have CM Punk defeating former champion John Cena at WWE Night of Champions 2012. Punk has retained the WWE title for more than 300 days, and there is also speculation of a Punk-Rock matchup at Royal Rumble.

Punk is one of the up-and-coming stars of the sport. He's on pace to enter the top-10 outright rankings of men who have held the title the most amount of time, and he would cement that with a win over Cena Sunday night.

But Cena, who will enter the title fight somewhat of an underdog, will help Punk dominate the card and pull off the upset victory in front of his hometown fans.

Of course, the evidence is there to suggest this Night of Champions match could place Punk in WWE lore. It will undoubtedly be the last fight on the card, and with so much billing of lack of respect, the addition of Paul Heyman to the mix and potential fights against the Rock and Cena (again) on the line, it might make more sense for Punk to retain the title.

There is no doubt that the company is billing Punk as the new heel. The feud between the two men stretches back to their Raw matchup in July, when the Big Show and the Rock took over the match, and beyond.

For Punk to lose Sunday night, it would take an emotionally charged effort by Cena and an even bigger collapse by the current champ.

However, if anyone is going to unseat Punk and mess up the entire state of the WWE, who better to do the job than John Cena?

Cena even hinted on Twitter that Night of Champions could be one of the "Big Fights" the sport is waiting for.

There, as always, seems to be alot of mixed opinions out there 1 thing is for sure #WWENOC has a VERY 'Big Fight' feel to it

— John Cena (@JohnCena) September 12, 2012

Is that "Big Fight" going to be a win for Cena? It would mark the 13th title for the wrestler/actor in his 11-year career.

Additionally, I can't stress enough how much of a factor I think the city of Boston will potentially play in this matchup. Punk won the title away from Cena in his hometown of Chicago, and the storyline of a role reversal in Boston should be a big one.

The crowd reaction will be all for Cena, and there's no doubt the WWE set this matchup with that in mind. However, they have a wide fanbase that stretches across the globe, so there is no guarantee a Cena victory in Boston would make the most sense for fans everywhere.

No matter who takes home the belt Sunday night, you can bet another fight will be on the way soon, whether it be after Royal Rumble or again on Raw.

I think Cena basks in the glow of his hometown fans cheering him to victory in what should be one of the best fights the sport has seen in recent memory.