NBA 2k13: What to Expect from 2k Sports' Epic NBA Franchise

Justin WeltonAnalyst IISeptember 16, 2012

Photo credit: NBA 2k13 Facebook
Photo credit: NBA 2k13 Facebook

There are a few downfalls to the autumn season. Kids have to go back to school, more parents have to go back to work and it means winter is on its way. 

But there are several upsides to the autumn year. Football is back, hunting will be arriving soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and last but not least, your favorite sports games launch their new video game.

NBA 2k13, created by 2k Sports, will launch its latest edition of Oct. 2, 2012, and people can't wait to get their hands on it.

Here is what you should expect from NBA 2k13


According to, the features should enhance the overall, smooth game play of the NBA franchise. 

If you're like me, and appreciated NBA 2k11 more than 2k12, this should get you excited. 


The Control Stick

All dribble moves will be used by the right analog stick, making the transition from the old basketball games to this one difficult to start, but something that should be of quality in the end result. 

Shooting, post moves and passing will be used with the right analog stick which should make it easy for you to control all aspects of the guy you're controlling.

In a video game, that's all you want—you want to be able to do what you want with that guy. This will allow players to have total control of their players. 


Dynamic Shot Generator

No longer will you be able to drive the lane and somehow miss the contact or maybe embrace contact in the exact way every single time. 2k Sports' Dynamic Shot Generator will allow the user to create shots on the fly.

Collisions will come in a plethora of ways, making game play seem smooth and realistic. 


Signature Skills

2k Sports has been known for dominating the signature skills section of sports games. They have done a great job with the players shot styles, characteristics and overall ability on the floor.

But in 2k13, 2k Sports went the extra mile to give users the experience from a player-to-player basis. For example, the site uses Derrick Rose as a "Floor General" and Kevin Durant as "The Closer". 

What this will do is actually improve game play by giving each person their own realistic characteristics. If Durant has the ball late, he's more likely to come through with a clutch shot.

Compare that to LeBron James and he's most likely going to want to drive the basketball and find open shooters on the wing. 


Revamped Passing System

Passing in basketball games has been needing improvement for a long time. 2k Sports is finally coming through for gamers.

Fast break passing has been improved, and users will have the option to release a bounce pass, regular pass or lob pass.



One major negative I see—obviously I haven't played NBA 2k13 yet so maybe it will work out—is the fact that sports games still aren't using the XBOX Kinect to their advantage.

2k13 will allow you to use it, but only to talk, set up plays and maybe receive a technical foul from the referee. For me, that would only be fun for the first time I get a technical after swearing at the official.

Maybe sports franchises are waiting for the new XBOX that is set to come out in the next year or possibly more, but I want to see something where I'm actually shooting a ball.

I'm not talking about a full fledged basketball game on the system, but maybe a three-point shooting contest? I would take that over just talking to the Kinect.

Overall excitement factor

I loved NBA 2k11, but wasn't so happy with NBA 2k12. Going off by what I see, I will be giving NBA 2k13 a buy when it releases Oct. 2.