Stock Up, Stock Down for Every Player on the Miami Heat Heading into 2012-13

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IISeptember 20, 2012

Stock Up, Stock Down for Every Player on the Miami Heat Heading into 2012-13

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    The Miami Heat will be entering the 2012-13 season with a massive target on their backs that every other NBA team will be aiming at.

    Taking down the Heat, no matter when it happens, will be a special accomplishment for any team, and it will be something that the Heat will want to make sure doesn't happen all that often.

    With new players, like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, on the roster, the Heat have high expectations for this upcoming season. That's only if everyone else on the team can continue to fit into their roles. 

    Ahead is a breakdown of every player on the Heat's pre-camp roster and whether their stock is up or down. 

Garrett Temple, SG

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    Stock: Leveling Out 

    Garrett Temple has been in the NBA for just one year, and the Miami Heat will be his sixth team. He's a 10-day contract player and unfortunately he won't be more than that for a Heat team that's stacked at the shooting guard spot.

    He's athletic and he shoots the ball relatively well, but his lack of size will hold him back, even in training camp with the Heat. Getting a chance alone to play with the Heat during preseason camp is a great honor, and it's going to be the only honor Temple receives this season as his space on the Heat's roster will be nixed when they have to cut it down to 15 before the preseason ends. 

Mickell Gladness, C

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    Stock: Plummeting 

    Mickell Gladness played in 26 games for the Heat last season, but that's not going to help him much in camp.

    The signing of Josh Harrelson seriously hurts Gladness's chances of making the Heat's 15-man roster when the season starts, because Harrelson is a harder worker than Gladness. He is also a more versatile player.

    Usually a player with previous experience with a team has an advantage over a player who's new to the team, but that's not the case with Gladness, as he'll have to work his tail off to make the Heat's final roster. 

Josh Harrelson, C

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    Stock: Rising

    Fans are certainly excited that the Heat signed Josh Harrelson, but let's not forget that he most likely won't be seeing that much time on the court—with Joel Anthony and Chris Bosh ahead of him at the center position.

    With that being said, Harrelson is the kind of player you love having on your team. He hustles for every loose ball, he shoots relatively well from outside of the paint and he's a high-energy guy who will add a nice spark off the bench.

    The Heat are obviously high on Harrelson and fans should be too, as long as they keep their expectations for him within the reality that he won't see that much time on the court. He will be a great practice player for the Heat, though, because he hustles and he rebounds the ball very well. 

Terrel Harris, SG

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    Stock: Stagnant

    The Heat had a chance to extend an offer to Harris at the end of last season and they declined. That should show you how interested the Heat are in having Harris be a legitimate piece of their 2012-13 team.

    They undoubtedly brought him back to see if he's improved over the offseason, and while he may have gotten better, to make the 2012-13 roster he's going to have to do things that he's never done before.

    He's going to have to shoot more efficiently and move better without the ball to have a shot at making the final cut. Harris' only hope is that Mike Miller's back isn't as healthy as he had hoped, because if it is, Miller will certainly have a spot ahead of him on the Heat's roster. 

Jarvis Varnado, PF

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    Stock: Slightly Up

    The Heat drafted Varnado back in 2010 out of Mississipi State, but he decided to take his talents overseas instead of riding the bench for the Heat.

    Well, now he has a chance to finally play in the NBA, and chances are that he is going to take full advantage of that. While the competition in Europe isn't on the same level as the NBA, he benefited from seeing legitimate time on the court at a professional level, and that will help him stand out in camp over fellow big man Mickell Gladness.

    Varnardo is one of two players to record 1,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 500 blocks in a career, the other being David Robinson. That goes to show just how dominant of a player he can be. Don't be surprised when the Heat use one of their final guaranteed contracts on this guy.

Dexter Pittman, C

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    Stock: Falling

    If Dexter Pittman's contract wasn't guaranteed this season, he might not even be on the Heat at this point. While he showed a moment or two of solid production last year, almost every time he was on the court he looked confused and somewhat out of place.

    If his lack of consistency on the court wasn't big enough of an issue, there's also this absurd elbow he gave to Lance Stephenson that beautifully displays his lack of maturity and discipline.

    Players on the roster, like Jarvis Varnado and Josh Harrelson, are much more versatile and have a lot more upside than Pittman. Pittman better enjoy this season with the Heat, because if he doesn't grow in leaps and bounds, there's no chance of him being back next year. 

Joel Anthony, C

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    Stock: Consistently the Same

    Joel Anthony's stock is defined by one word—consistent—and that's because that is the kind of player he is. With Anthony, the Heat know the kind of player they are going to get.

    He's going to play hard-nosed, physical defense and he's going to crash the boards with a level of intensity that is hard to find in the NBA. On offense, though, he's not going to do much more than score off of putbacks. That's fine, though, because the Heat don't need him to do more than that.

    If he developed any resemblance of polish in his mid-range game, he would be a much more important player for the Heat. But where he's at right now, he's a solid role player and that's exactly what they need him to be. 

James Jones, SF

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    Stock: Sharp Decline

    After the Heat won the 2012 NBA title, James Jones told the Sun Sentinel that he was "most definitely" thinking about retiring. While that certainly didn't happen, the fact that retirement crossed the 31-year-old's mind is a major reason for concern.

    It shows that his love for the game is fading, and on a team with a high level of talent, that's something that will certainly keep him on the bench next season. 

    Jones' minutes and production took a major dip last season. He averaged just 13.1 minutes per game during the regular season and 8.7 minutes in the playoffs, and that will most likely decline even more this upcoming season. With the addition of Rashard Lewis, Jones will most likely be nothing more than a practice player and a guy who sees minutes in garbage time. 

Mike Miller, SG/SF

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    Stock: Slightly Up

    Ray Allen is going to take a majority of Miller's minutes away from him, and that's a reason why his stock is up. By getting less time on the court, Miller's back should stay healthier over the season, and that's going to make him a more productive and efficient player.

    Miller had one of the best games of his career in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, when he put up 23 points on 87.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc. That performance certainly gave Miller a glimmer of hope for another productive year or two in the league. 

    This season, the Heat aren't going to need as much production from Miller, and because of that, he will be healthier and more efficient player. His production and leadership will certainly solidify the Heat's second unit as one of the best in the league. 

Norris Cole, PG

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    Stock: Slightly Up

    Norris Cole exploded onto the scene last season, when he went off for 20 points on 50 percent shooting against Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics in just the second game of his NBA career.

    He cooled off rather quickly, but he was still a consistent piece of the Heat's second unit last year en route to the 2012 NBA title. The reason why his stock is up is because he took part in this year's summer league, and he continued to work on his playmaking ability.

    Cole amped up his ability to facilitate offense to his teammates, and that's exactly what the Heat wanted him to learn this offseason. Instead of creating offense for himself, Cole is the most dangerous when his focus is on creating shots for everyone else on the court. For the Heat to repeat, they will need Cole to be a more efficient player next year, and it looks like he is going to do just that. 

Udonis Haslem, PF

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    Stock: Staying the Same

    As long as the Miami Heat are an NBA team, there will be a spot for Udonis Haslem on their roster. He's synonymous with the Heat, and that's because he's one of the most consistent players in the history of their franchise.

    With Haslem, what you see is what you get. He's a gritty defender and he's the kind of player you love to have cleaning up the glass. His leadership is invaluable and his discipline on the court is contagious.

    With the Heat's helter-skelter lineup, featuring Chris Bosh at the center position, Haslem will get the majority of his playing time at the power forward spot behind LeBron James. The Heat's main issue next season is going to be making sure that they get Haslem enough minutes, because he's the emotional glue that holds the Heat together.  

Shane Battier, F

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    Stock: Soaring

    After an impressive run in the 2012 NBA Finals, when he averaged 11.6 points per game on 63.4 percent shooting, Shane Battier has a lot of momentum heading into the 2012-13 season.

    Last year, Battier was the unsung hero of a Heat team led by three NBA All-Stars, and that goes to show just how important he is on the court. He brings veteran leadership, toughness and discipline to the court, and that's exactly what the Heat need out of him.

    The older Battier gets, the smarter he becomes, and that's going to be true this upcoming season. His intelligent play is once again going to be at the foundation of the Heat's success this upcoming season, and for that his stock is rising as we head into training camp. 

Rashard Lewis, SF

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    Stock: Up

    Signing Rashard Lewis to a two-year, $2.6 million contract was one of the best moves of the 2012 offseason, especially when you consider that Lewis was getting payed more than $20 million last season.

    With that being said, no one, including the Heat, really know what version of Lewis they will be getting. The good news, though, is that the Heat don't need him to be the kind of all-star player he was with the Seattle Supersonics and Orlando Magic.

    The Heat just need efficient production from Lewis, and while he hasn't been that kind of player the past few years, with the help of LeBron, Wade and Bosh, his job will be pretty simple. When all is said and done, signing Lewis for a veteran's minimum could be the steal of the offseason. 

Ray Allen, SG

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    Stock: Skyrocketing

    While Ray Allen hasn't stepped foot on any NBA court as a member of the Miami Heat, just imagining how well he will fit in alongside Wade, LeBron and Bosh is exciting to say the least.

    The Heat need Allen to do two things. First, move without the ball and get open on the perimeter. Secondly, they need Allen to be a competent defender. If he can do those two things, which he has done every year of his 16-year NBA career, the Heat will be an unstoppable team.

    There aren't many players who could come to South Beach and turn the Heat's big three into a big four, but Allen did just that. The biggest question surrounding the Heat heading into the season is figuring out how to best utilize all the talent they have on their roster. If Erik Spoelstra can do that, he'll be able to add another NBA title to his coaching accolades. 

Mario Chalmers, PG

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    Stock: Staying the Same

    Mario Chalmers made some waves when he said, in a Bleacher Report interview, that he considered himself in the top 10 best point guards in the NBA. Whether you agree or disagree with that bold statement, there's no questioning his confidence. 

    The confidence that exudes from Chalmers both on and off the court is a reason why he helped the Heat win the 2012 NBA title, but it's also a reason why he hurts the Heat at times. The Heat need him to stop trying to take games over and instead allow the game to come to him through his superstar teammates.

    Heading into the 2012-13 season, Chalmers' stock is exactly where it was at the end of last season, and that's not a bad thing. For his stock to rise, he needs to show that he's ready to cut down on the turnovers and play the game with intelligence instead of pure confidence. 

Chris Bosh, C

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    Stock: Slowly Climbing

    Chris Bosh has the one characteristic that every NBA coach absolutely loves, and that is a willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team win. That's who Bosh is, and that's why he is integral to the Heat's 2012-13 success.

    With the addition of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the Heat needed a lineup that featured the most talent on the court at the same time, and that meant moving Bosh to the center position. Other players would fight a move like that, but not Bosh. He accepted it, and has even put on six pounds of lean muscle this offseason—as reported by The Miami Herald.

    Bosh's willingness to be the Heat's center is the main reason why his stock is rising. He's a player who fans love to make fun of, but because of the passion he brings to the court, more often than not he's a player who you just can't hate.  

Dwyane Wade, SG

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    Stock: Staying the Same

    After missing the Olympics due to rehabing from a knee surgery, Wade's 2012-13 season will start with more rest than a majority of other NBA superstars.

    The time Wade spent on the sidelines this offseason will hopefully give him the extra push that he needs to get his body completely healthy and stay healthy an entire season. With a healthy knee, and some new talent alongside him, there's no limit to how productive Wade can be this upcoming season, but only time will tell if his knee will allow him to reach a new level of production and efficiency.

    With off-the-court issues with his ex-wife surfacing, Wade needs the game of basketball as much as it needs him, and hopefully he will take out his life's frustration on the court instead of off it. If Wade's knee is healthy, 2012-13 could be a career year for him regarding efficiency, but if it's not, the Heat will have a lot of questions to answer. 

LeBron James, F

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    Stock: Soaring through the Atmosphere

    LeBron James had one of the most memorable years in the history of professional basketball. Not only did he win his first ring, he also won his third NBA MVP, his first NBA Finals MVP and his second Olympic gold medal.

    While some will say that it's impossible to follow up a year with such accolades, where he averaged 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game, with a PER of 30.80, there's no doubt that if anyone can do it, it's LeBron.

    It's clear that LeBron isn't taking any time off to celebrate his historic 2011-12 season, as he's already training with Kevin Durant again. It's clear that every season from here on out is going to be "championship or bust" for LeBron, but the good news is that he is certainly up for the challenge.