WWE Night of Champions: Should Daniel Bryan and Kane Win the Tag Team Title?

Luis CamposAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2012


A late entry to the tag team division, Daniel Bryan and Kane may have what it takes to finally bring back the division to its former glory. 

Their match at Night of Champions is already a highly anticipated bout despite the fact that the match has little build-up. 

Only recently announced on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan and Kane seek to take the tag team titles from the current champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. The original match planned for Night of Champions would have seen the up-and-coming tag team of Titus O'Neil and Darren Young as the No. 1 contenders; however, after a series of sketches involving Daniel Bryan and Kane, officials at WWE headquarters were said to be impressed with the work being put forth by the two men. 

Though the current match scheduled on the card may be an improvised one—and an unfortunate circumstance for the Prime Time Players—it still stands that given Daniel Bryan and Kane's recent popularity boost they are the two men in the company who could draw attention (and perhaps revitalize) the struggling tag team division. 

As tag team champions, Daniel Bryan and Kane could continue their current "anger management" storyline while at the same time wrestling with opponents who are already part of the tag team division (Primo and Epico, the Usos, the Prime Time Players, etc.) In doing so, not only would the division be given more attention and television time, but it would also be given its first real storyline—something that it has lacked over the past couple of years. 

One of the additional benefits of having Daniel Bryan and Kane as partners is that because of the tension both men have, they can easily be broken up at anytime and resume their feud in singles competition.  

While the current champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, are hugely popular midcard talents, their appeal is limited when in comparison to that of Daniel Bryan and Kane—two former world champions. 

Should Daniel Bryan and Kane win the tag team title? The answer is simple—yes, yes, yes! 


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