Jets' "D-Rex" Takes a Bite Out of Free Agency

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2009

When the clock struck midnight last Thursday, many Jets fans turned to the internet for immediate news of the moves their team was making. New York had created tons of room under the salary cap to play with and got an additional boost in the coffers thanks Laveranues Coles‘ sudden generosity—he pretty much gave back the $8 million he was guaranteed, just so he could go play ball with Chad in Miami.

Problem with his strategy is a big old fat man named Bill Parcells, who eats little wide receivers for lunch. Thanks Coles. Only time will tell if you’ve dropped the ball...again.

Well, the Jets apparently waited ten whole minutes before descending upon Bart Scott’s house, dragging him all the way to Jersey, and signing his “violent” butt to a six year contract.

Then they went back to Baltimore (or at least made a phone call to that location) and have now signed Jim Leonard as well; sweet.

The Jets even looked good after releasing long-time lineman Brandon Moore. Though N.Y. fans on the interweb weren’t too happy with the cut (he was a rock-solid, dependable presence), he’s now cheaper than he was. Brandon resigned with the Jets for $16 million over the next four years. The big $7 million hit we were going to take this year is "no Moore."

TJ Houshmanhowyouspellhisname ended up in Seattle, which means he won’t be coming here (too bad), but it also means that the Seahawks probably won’t use their No. 4 draft pick on another wide receiver (good stuff). Drafting a wide receiver is an option for the Jets, especially since they grabbed the two-time Pro Bowler Lito Shepard to help out at cornerback.

We really need a speedy No. 1 wide receiver that commands a double team. Thoughts?

Remember how last year we showed Pennington some “respect” by unconditionally releasing him so that he could be free to find his own deal? And remember how he stayed in our division and kinda sorta made us look stupid?

Well, Bill Belichick remembered, and there was no way in hell he was letting Matt Cassel even sniff the Atlantic Ocean again. The franchise tag was placed on him, but not to keep him a Patriot; it was intended to control where he landed.

Vrabel to Kansas City made me smile. Both Vrabel and Cassel? K.C. looks to have gotten a stellar deal. The Patriots will be drafting a platoon of new young players in this draft. Also, something tells me that Tom Brady’s rehab is going exceptionally well.

The frenzied opening days of free agency are over, but rest assured Rex and Tannenbaum still have plenty of cards to play.  I expect them to sign a tight end that can block to replace Chris Baker.

Jay Cutler’s name is being kicked around probably by every team in the league. You know, the way he was blindsided in trade talks last week, I almost feel sorry for him.  Then again, if he didn’t act like a constant jerk-off every chance he gets, maybe the Broncos wouldn’t be trying to get rid of him.

I would love to have his arm in a Jets uniform. Just not his attitude.