WWE/TNA News: Matt Morgan Teases Appearance; Arrives at Live Event; but Whose?

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 16, 2012

Courtesy Articles.wn.com
Courtesy Articles.wn.com

As we all know by now, Matt Morgan has gone to great lengths to keep his future a secret.

He has posted cryptic tweets, danced around questions about his future, and all but said he was trying to go back to WWE.

Well, it now appears Matt Morgan's fate has been sealed.

And, for those of you that were anticipating a WWE return don't hold your breath. Earlier Saturday, Matt Morgan tweeted the following:


A few hours later this video surfaced with Morgan appearing at a TNA event in PA. So, it would appear the biggest (size not popularity) free agent going has returned to the company that he left just a few short months ago—or did he?

After that video surfaced Morgan addressed the appearance on his Twitter stating the following:


Let's face it you don't make a trip from Connecticut to Pennsylvania just because you're bored. To me, it seems  Morgan and TNA have quietly come to terms on a new deal. Which may mean, he did not have the interest from the WWE that many believed he did.

Not to mention, Morgan has continued to be featured in the Direct Auto commercials that run during Impact weekly.  For those of you that don't know, Direct Auto is a huge partner of TNA's.

Ultimately, this appearance could be a tease for his return or just a way to keep his name out there. Either way, it appears one thing is certain, "The DNA of TNA" may be returning to the Impact Zone sooner than later. Hopefully, the guessing game will end soon, as fans have been awaiting his "decision" for several months now.

In the end, only time will truly tell what's in store for "The Blueprint"