Jerry Lawler: Latest News on Improving Condition of WWE Commentator

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Jerry Lawler: Latest News on Improving Condition of WWE Commentator
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Following Jerry Lawler's heart attack during Raw on Monday night, the rest of the show didn't feature nearly as much enthusiasm as usual with the WWE Universe surely thinking more about the longtime star rather than any storyline.

Thankfully, "The King" has been on the road to recovery ever since with plenty of good news over the past 24 hours. He isn't totally out of the woods yet, but the signs are pointing in a positive direction.

Update: Thursday, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. ET by Tyler Conway

All signs continue to point upward in Lawler's recovery from a heart attack suffered on Monday. While still recuperating in a Montreal hospital, the legendary announcer and wrestler took time on Thursday to thank the well-wishers from across the globe in a Tout video message

Here is the original story via PWTorch

WWE released a tout from Raw announcer Jerry Lawler Thursday night from a Montreal hospital thanking everyone for their support during his recovery from a heart attack Monday during Raw. Lawler has a slight strain in his voice, but otherwise sounds like normal and appears to be recovering well despite covering in wires.

After a frightening situation, it's looking more and more like Lawler will be back at the announcers booth on Raw well before anyone could have thought.

No Brain Damage

The most important piece of information to emerge on Wednesday was passed along by Lawler's former commentator partner Jim Ross. It was that Lawler had avoided brain damage, one of the biggest concerns after Monday's incident.

Ross has been following the story closer than just about anybody else. The two developed quite a bond over the years and, even though it's only a tweet, you can almost feel J.R.'s emotions. This was a huge piece of news for Lawler.


Steady Progress

WMC-TV out of Memphis, Lawler's hometown, received an update on his condition from girlfriend Lauryn McBride. She told the station he's now breathing on his own and may even be allowed out of bed today to test his body.

The only downside mentioned in the report is that Lawler is still struggling when trying to remember some things, but the hope is that will change in the near future. Otherwise, the doctors in Canada are happy with how far he's come in short time.

In situations like this the most important word is progress. As long as things keep trending in the right direction, it gives hope Lawler can make a complete recovery. So far, the news has been mostly positive and hopefully that continues in the coming days.

Phone Calls

Lawler has started making calls to some friends and family, according to Announcing partner Michael Cole, who was clearly shaken at ringside while providing updates Monday, was one person who heard from him.

Cole handled the situation extremely well on Monday given the circumstances. Like Ross, you can tell how genuinely happy he is about Lawler's progress. Updates should continue over the next couple days. Let's hope they continue to be good ones.

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