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Tyler Conway is an NBA and Breaking News writer at Bleacher Report. He graduated from Penn State University's John Curley Center for Sports Journalism and is a member of the Pro Basketball Writers Association.

Tyler Conway also finds writing biographies in the third person a strange practice.

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  • Ch Osc posted 31 days ago

    Ch Osc

    To imply that if FSU struggles but wins out in any of its remaining games may cause the committee to react in such a way to remove them from the top 4 is possibly one of the silliest things I have ever read. Buckeye fan, you show your bias... poor journalism.

  • J D posted 39 days ago

    J D

    PS. you have a very good head, or mind for summing up College football. I enjoy your work. I just joined your spot on Twitter. I now follow you as JDnearby. I think you will like my poetry.

  • J D posted 39 days ago

    J D

    like ur choice of TCU a place 4 in 4Team playoff. They came on strong 80 points on TT and almost easy win on a very good Kansas State. Of course, if the SEC wants 2 Teams in the playoff, be fair to 30 other decent Teams and have a 32 Team playoff. This spreads the Tax dollars to more Teams, adds about $1BILLION TO playoffs in Tourist, merchandise among those 32 teams.
    Remember all colleges receive Fed dollars, and if an angry congress and fan base ever get smart, this little 4 Team monster will lose steam rapidly.

  • J D posted 52 days ago

    J D

    If two or four teams from One conference OR ANOTHER think they are DIVINELY APPOINTED to PLAY in the NC GAME and DENY all other worthy TEAMS a chance, then it is TIME for a little March Madness in the world of college football. Lets have a REAL PLAYOFF and call it December MADNESS. And a $BILLION in travel and TEAM revenues.

    Here we go again. College foot ball fans MEEKLY accepting the NONSENSE put out by the MEDIA that a REAL football playoff of 32 teams is IMPOSSIBLE, too burdensome, or TAKES too much TIME from CLASS.
    Basketball does it with 64. College football can easily do it with a 32 team playoff. No more BITTER FANS screaming MY TEAM got LEFT OUT. Basketball has March Madness. COLLEGE FOOTBALL needs December Madness.

    ALABAMA in all its GREATNESS Lost a last Second STUNNER. Then the UNFAIR bullet or restriction BACKFIRED on them. Now they and about 30 or 40 or 60 other schools MUST SIT on the sidelines and Compete for LESSER GLORY than the NC TITLE. This is Totally Unnecessary and listen or read on :

    I thought America had no ROYATY. Prince William gets to be King of England by doing nothing. He was BORN that WAY.
    I think that Alabama is a Magnificent machine , a Great football team, but it has humans on its team. Humans Err. They are not Gods. No team Deserves the NC Game. You lose . YOU are out.
    The SEC IS a truly powerful Conference. Three years ago the BCS robbed Oklahoma State which was 11-1 the chance to play in the NC TITLE. REmember They were 11-1. Alabama was awarded the game against TWO LOSS LSU.
    Nothing FAIR ABOUT THAT. Oklahoma State Would have been CHOSEN in a real Playoff. OKLAHOMA UPSET Alabama last year. In a continuation of Genuine PLAY They WOULD have met Florida state. TREVOR KNIGHT against the Seminoles. Do you like the ODDS.
    NO BCS. No 4 TEAM Playoff. But a 32 Team or 64 TEAM Playoff can work. Here is how:

    First, Leave all FBS teams with the Fun and Reward of Playing the 30 plus Bowl Games. And 4 PLAYOFF BOWLS would be used on Jan 1 each year for the Elite 8 CFB playoff BOWLS.
    And A $BILLION IN PLAYOFF MONEY In Gate receipt$, Hotel, tourist MONEY, Sueveniers and TRAVEL for the cities and Teams involved.

    A Simple Guide by J D
    FACT: There are always 13 SATURDAYS in the 92 days of September thru November.

    STEP ONE: Require all teams to finish their 12 GAMES by the END of NOVEMBER. There would be TIME for ONE OPEN DATE . Or TWO using the LAST SATURDAY in AUGUST.
    STEP TWO: Have an NCAA selection committee PICK the TOP 32 Football Teams: FOUR Divisions would be set up:
    East, South, Midwest, West.
    Four Number One Seeds would be chosen in each Division and progressively on down: Number Two through Eight.
    SEED Number One would play Number Eight, Number Two plays Number Seven and so on.

    STEP THREE: SIXTEEN GAMES would be played ( 32 Chosen Teams) on the First Saturday in December. The SWEET SIXTEEN winners would play on the second Saturday in December.
    STEP FOUR: The Elite Eight Winners are in the HIGHEST FOUR BOWLS called CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and would be played on New Years Day.
    STEP FIVE: The FOUR QUARTER FINAL TEAMS play their TWO GAMES on January 8 or later.
    STEP SIX : THE FINALS: 2 WINNERS would play a week later near January 17 for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Conclusion: Only FOUR TEAMS would NEED to PLAY past the HOLIDAY Weekend of January the 1st. And the REST of the TEAMS could GO BACK TO their Studies and Classes.

    Also: The 30 plus BOWLS are kept . The LOSERS in the FIRST or SECOND Round can PLAY again in any BOWLS but the FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and win and rejoin the Top Twenty five.

    Remember any team LOSING in the FIRST or SECOND WEEK of the Playoffs could STILL be INVITED to ONE of the 30 plus bowls.
    IF TEAMS THINK They are the BEST, then let them PROVE IT on the Battlefield of Play. ONE team out of the 32 Teams chosen will win 5 games in a row and be true National Champ.!!!

    Thanks for reading . My main concern is that somewhere, somehow, in my lifetime an Unfair 4 TEAM Playoff will be abolished. Every 8-3 team in the top 40 or 65 Teams will have respect and a chance to win it all.
    This will bring in $1 BILLION dollars or more to the Teams and their Schools.

  • Ryan LaPlante posted 103 days ago

    Ryan LaPlante

    Dear Tyler,

    You are the man. I just finished reading your week 2 rankings, projections, and waiver tips. I gotta say, it was awesome. I laughed so hard at the "Green had one of the most spectacular plays this weekend that didn't involve giving a punter the Sweet Chin Music" line. I also loved the line about washington only throwing it within arms reach. I am fan, and I really like your writing style. I found this article very insightful and funny. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

    [Pours out a little liquor for Clay's fantasy value]

  • Bob Grube posted 127 days ago

    Bob Grube

    Are you HIGH, Like Smoke freaking a ton of crack in one sitting. Or do you not know much about Professional Basketball. Blazers improved their bench and the Stars are getting better every year. and you think they will do worse this year? McDonalds called and said they were looking for morons to hire, I gave them your phone number.

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  • Henry Lam posted 233 days ago

    Henry Lam

    Hey check this dude out free loading at a Dodgers baseball game aka The Grand Scam

    He is a jerk but funny!

  • Joey Sandler posted 239 days ago

    Joey Sandler

    Out of all the Rockets players that are struggling, you choose Lin? Did you even watch the game.. or are you just a sensationalist.

  • Tee Dawg posted 240 days ago

    Tee Dawg

    Please, just stop writing. You lack common sense.

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