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Tyler Conway is an NBA and Breaking News writer at Bleacher Report. He graduated from Penn State University's John Curley Center for Sports Journalism and is a member of the Pro Basketball Writers Association.

Tyler Conway also finds writing biographies in the third person a strange practice.

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  • Ryan LaPlante posted 45 days ago

    Ryan LaPlante

    Dear Tyler,

    You are the man. I just finished reading your week 2 rankings, projections, and waiver tips. I gotta say, it was awesome. I laughed so hard at the "Green had one of the most spectacular plays this weekend that didn't involve giving a punter the Sweet Chin Music" line. I also loved the line about washington only throwing it within arms reach. I am fan, and I really like your writing style. I found this article very insightful and funny. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

    [Pours out a little liquor for Clay's fantasy value]

  • Bob Grube posted 69 days ago

    Bob Grube

    Are you HIGH, Like Smoke freaking a ton of crack in one sitting. Or do you not know much about Professional Basketball. Blazers improved their bench and the Stars are getting better every year. and you think they will do worse this year? McDonalds called and said they were looking for morons to hire, I gave them your phone number.

  • Mr. Clean posted 71 days ago

    Mr. Clean

    Turn comments on

  • Henry Lam posted 175 days ago

    Henry Lam

    Hey check this dude out free loading at a Dodgers baseball game aka The Grand Scam

    He is a jerk but funny!

  • Joey Sandler posted 182 days ago

    Joey Sandler

    Out of all the Rockets players that are struggling, you choose Lin? Did you even watch the game.. or are you just a sensationalist.

  • Tee Dawg posted 182 days ago

    Tee Dawg

    Please, just stop writing. You lack common sense.

  • ohmy HARDEN posted 182 days ago

    ohmy HARDEN

    keep getting them checks lol faagaaa

  • Kay Kim posted 246 days ago

    Kay Kim

    You made a boo boo on the women's figure skating article. Please correct before a mob of South Koreans come after you...

  • Von Adrias posted 247 days ago

    Von Adrias

    I hope hope Pellegrini will be in Camp Nou come 2nd leg. It must be nice to see him there. Nice article :)

  • traci jones posted 252 days ago

    traci jones

    Fire all of the Knickerbocker

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