Tyler Conway is an NBA and Breaking News writer at Bleacher Report. He graduated from Penn State University's John Curley Center for Sports Journalism and is a member of the Pro Basketball Writers Association.

Tyler Conway also finds writing biographies in the third person a strange practice.

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  • Henry Lam posted 89 days ago

    Henry Lam

    Hey check this dude out free loading at a Dodgers baseball game aka The Grand Scam


    He is a jerk but funny!

  • Joey Sandler posted 96 days ago

    Joey Sandler

    Out of all the Rockets players that are struggling, you choose Lin? Did you even watch the game.. or are you just a sensationalist.

  • Tee Dawg posted 96 days ago

    Tee Dawg

    Please, just stop writing. You lack common sense.

  • ohmy HARDEN posted 96 days ago

    ohmy HARDEN

    keep getting them checks lol faagaaa

  • Kay Kim posted 160 days ago

    Kay Kim

    You made a boo boo on the women's figure skating article. Please correct before a mob of South Koreans come after you...

  • Von Adrias posted 161 days ago

    Von Adrias

    I hope hope Pellegrini will be in Camp Nou come 2nd leg. It must be nice to see him there. Nice article :)

  • traci jones posted 166 days ago

    traci jones

    Fire all of the Knickerbocker

  • Curtis Nunley's Husband posted 219 days ago

    Curtis Nunley's Husband

    Stupid writer haha

  • Jeremy Albertson posted 241 days ago

    Jeremy Albertson

    "Mike Epstein posted about 1 hour ago Contributor I
    I have to say something, this article doesn't deserve public comment. It's embarrassing that Bleacher Report would even publish this column. Tyler Conway I appreciate the fact that you are trying to show a sense of wit and cleverness but making statements like a player died a month ago or they gave their Heisman hopes the 'Ol Guillotine doesn't come across as clever or witty. As a sports writer those kinds of statements show a lack of professionalism and make me question your credibility as a reporter. A little advice for future "articles." Stick to the facts and save your poor attempts of humor for your diary."

    I agree.

  • Tetris Tetris posted 246 days ago

    Tetris Tetris

    your articles are nothing more than crap journalism you racist prick.

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