WWE 13: Finisher and Entrance Videos for the Rock and Other Superstars

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 13, 2012

Image from THQ
Image from THQ

THQ dropped another huge dose of WWE '13 goodness on the gamers in the wrestling community on Tuesday. The Great One AKA The Rock highlights the stars seen in this week's package of entrance and finisher videos.

This is the bald and tattooed version of The Rock, though Attitude Era Rock is also included in the game as well. Most fans love the Rock, but the killer addition in this week's videos is that of Bradshaw and the Acolytes.

It has been a while since one of the best tag teams of the Attitude Era were in a video game, and next to Nikita Koloff from the glory days of the NWA, Bradshaw's Clothesline From Hell was the best version of the classic move.

He was big, nasty and when the move was sold properly it looked devastating. I'm really looking forward to executing it on hapless opponents in WWE '13.

You can hear the enhanced sound via WWE Live, which is the the game's new sound engine. It pulls real-life crowd noise from WWE events for authenticity.

It shines through most of all in the entrance videos. Here are the finisher and entrance video for the Rock, and links to the others per THQ.com:



"Attitude Era" Lita: Entrance | Finisher

Bradshaw: Entrance | Finisher 

Farooq: Entrance | Finisher

Heath Slater: Entrance | Finisher

Randy Orton: Entrance | Finisher

Road Dogg: Entrance | Finisher

Wade Barrett: Entrance | Finisher


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