Does Anyone Believe the Lions Should Not Take Matt Stafford First Overall?

Rob PastorinoContributor IMarch 3, 2009

I'm not a Lions fan. I disagree with the numerous mock drafts stating the Lions should take Matt Stafford with the first pick. 

If I'm sitting at number one, and I have the 20th, as well as the 33rd, then I'm going to take the most stellar player available at number one.

The one I feel is going to be worth that paycheck for years and years to come...and I don't think Stafford is that guy! 

He's good, but I'll take Aaron Curry, Jason Smith, or Eugene Monroe over him with the first pick each and every time.


Coming of an 0-16 year, drafting a quarterback who won't play right away isn't the quickest way to get better. For right now, the Lions are better off with Dante Culpepper, and drafting either Smith or Monroe to protect him.

It's obvious the Lions have been rebuilding for a while. They would be better off taking a linebacker, such as Curry, who looks like he will be an absolute stud in the NFL for a long time.

Mark Sanchez, out of USC, just may be available at No. 20, or Josh Freeman from Kansas State at No. 33. 

Either one is just as capable of making it in the NFL as Stafford, but the Lions wouldn't have to pay either of them first pick salary.

For the Lions sake, I hope they don't waste the first overall pick on a quarterback. If they were picking third like the Falcons last year, then maybe...but not first, not when you have the kind of names up there on the list of prospects like Curry, Smith, or Monroe.

I'm an Eagles fan, through and through, so Lions fans, let me know what you think.