WWE Night of Champions: CM Punk's Perfect Chance to Unveil New Title and Stable

Scott CarasikContributor IISeptember 16, 2012

Courtesy Fanpop.com
Courtesy Fanpop.com

CM Punk teaming with Paul Heyman should be the final straw for him to take the ultimate heel turn. However, this is the perfect time to debut the new WWE title in arguably the largest climax to a storyline heel turn in the past decade.

It's time for the old John Cena belt to leave. And there have been rumors of a new belt coming out soon. There are even a few pictures that have surfaced. The belt that was introduced as part of his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick is old and played out now. 

It doesn't even spin anymore and is a bit too gaudy for what a WWE champion should have.


Why CM Punk could change wrestling history at Night of Champions.

Not only is Night of Champions a chance for Punk to extend his reign another 30 or so days, but by doing so, he will be one of just 10 men who have held the title for over 11 months. Punk's reign is currently at just over 300 days, and it's time for him to do something drastic.

Nothing is more drastic than replacing the title of your rival in his hometown. The way the storyline should go is Paul Heyman comes down to the ring with Punk carrying a briefcase. Punk wins the match through interference from none other than Brock Lesnar giving Cena an F-5. 

Then instead of being handed the old title, Punk throws it into the crowd. Heyman comes in with the briefcase—holding none other than the new title. Lesnar then lifts Punk's arm in victory and the new title is revealed. 


CM Punk should not only debut the title, but initiate his new stable of "Paul Heyman guys" at Night of Champions.

Despite having a great role as the WWE Champion, nothing says "respect" like being the leader of a New World Order or D-Generation X type stable. The opportunity not only with a new belt, but to create a stable based around CM Punk, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar is brilliant. 

But they should also have some Ring of Honor and other independent promotion veterans join the stable. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Kassius Ohno, Colt Cabana, Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro would make a tremendously talented stable based around a common denominator.

They are Paul Heyman guys.

They are the kind of guys that Paul Heyman would go out and find for ECW. They are the hardworking, "willing to do anything" types who made their way into WWE the hard way. They would be the same kind of guys who would have given up their bodies in barbed wire cage matches in the old ECW.

By starting the storyline with the situation described earlier of Lesnar interfering, Punk could go on a rant about how Indy guys don't get respect. And from there, Paul Heyman Guys are born.


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