5 San Francisco Giants Guaranteed to Come Up Clutch in Pennant Race Action

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5 San Francisco Giants Guaranteed to Come Up Clutch in Pennant Race Action

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    The San Francisco Giants have been clutch in the second half. 

    The Giants lead the league in batting average with runners in scoring position in the second half, and have had players come through huge. Hitters and pitchers alike have been clutch. 

    With the big trades the Los Angeles Dodgers made, many people gave the NL West to the Dodgers. That doesn't look to be too smart. 

    These five Giants are guaranteed to come up clutch in the pennant race. 

Buster Posey

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    Buster Posey has been unstoppable since the All-Star game. 

    In the second half, Posey has hit .383/.460/.639. To go along with those numbers, Posey has also hit 10 home runs and drove in 44 runs. 

    This offensive production is huge for a catcher. Not only does Posey do his job at the plate, he calls one of the best games in baseball. 

    Posey has made himself an MVP candidate and has defined the word clutch.

Matt Cain

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    Matt Cain has not been the same ace he was in the first half. 

    This does not mean Cain has been terrible. In the second half, Cain has gone 4-2 with a 3.53 ERA. 

    Even though Cain has not been dominant lately, let's remember he is still very clutch. In the playoffs, Cain has a 2-0 record with no earned runs in 21.2 innings pitched. 

    Cain has shown he is clutch and is guaranteed to come up clutch in the pennant race. 

Marco Scutaro

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    The Giants' acquisition of Marco Scutaro may have been the best in all of baseball. 

    Scutaro is not a big name acquisition, but he has come up huge for the Giants. When the Giants need a big hit, Scutaro finds a way to come through. 

    Since coming to San Francisco, Scuatro has hit .327/.352/.442. As of late, Scutaro has been on fire and the numbers just keep increasing. 

    Scutaro is the perfect compliment to the Giants lineup and it appears he has caught fire at the perfect time. 

Tim Lincecum

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    The word clutch may not exactly define Tim Lincecum's 2012 season. 

    'The Freak' is still clutch though, and has been two different pitchers this season. Lincecum in the first half was terrible, but Lincecum in the second half has not been that bad. 

    Lincecum has a 3.22 ERA in the second half compared to a 6.42 ERA in the first half. Opponents have also hit .244 compared to .268 against Lincecum in the second half. 

    The former ace will show why he is still the clutch pitcher he has proved to be. 

Brandon Belt

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    Brandon Belt is easily the surprise pick here. 

    Belt has completely transformed his game in the second half. The young first basemen went from a player that Giants fans were sick of to a player the team needs in the lineup. 

    His power may have gone down, but he has hit .288 compared to .254 in the first half.  

    Belt may not have playoff experience, but he is ready to shine when it matters most.