NFL Free Agency Begins With a Bang: Ballers, Babies, and Blindsides

Kimberley NashSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2009

I have to say that the NFL has given me loads to blog about in the last seven days, but between the freak snowstorm in my home state of Georgia and the idiots at the Apple Genius Bar who have yet to return my trusty laptop, I have been at a stand still as far as the writing goes.

However, I have pulled out my trusty Dell Dimension 4550, circa 2001, and I am back in business for the moment.

The NFL has been ripe with big time signings, releases, and stories that seem to border on comical. My attempt will be to comment on them all right here, right now, well some of them anyway.

Jay Cutler's wittle feelings get hurt:

This story reminds me of Vince Young's mama coming out to defend her misunderstood son. Are you kidding me, Jay? I mean, you ain't no John Elway. I'm surprised you have lasted this long.

Cutler appears to be under the impression that he is of the same cloth as Eli, Peyton, and Brady. Ahem, earth to Jay, all of those guys have done things you have not done: things like, reach the playoffs and win a Super Bowl.

If you had done either since you took the quarterback job in Denver, none of these discussions would have happened. It's possible that your head coach may even still be coaching you right now.

Instead, you have compiled a record of 17-20, no playoff appearances, and an escalating turnover ratio. Last season, you threw 25 touchdowns, but you also threw 18 picks. In 37 starts, you have 37 interceptions. Not a good look when you have never led your team to more than a .500 season.

This latest little cry-baby stunt makes you look even more expendable. Stop your whining because for one, you still are the Broncos starting quarterback and for two, if you really believe you are all that and a bag of Lay's, than you have this upcoming season to prove it. Otherwise, stop the madness!

Albert Haynesworth Inks $100 million deal:

Here's my problem with Albert, he's not a committed player. He hasn't played a full season since his rookie year and has been notorious for taking plays off. Further, it seems the only time he gets motivated to put up big numbers is when he's in a contract year. Is this really the kind of guy you want to guarantee $70+ million to?

I mean, clearly, the Redskins have filled a glaring weakness with this signing, but I can't help but think that Haynesworth won't live up to the hype now that he's got the dollars.

Plus, it's hard to shake the image of him stomping on that Dallas player's head. It may have been three years ago, but Haynesworth has been known to get into his fair share of scrapes both on and off the playing field. I tend to think the money will only allow more opportunities for mischief.

The Falcons say bye, bye, bye to Keith Brooking:

Thomas Dimitroff clearly has a plan and what worked in New England will work in Atlanta. At least that's the thought.

Brooking was a long time player for the Falcons and was the last of the 1998 Super Bowl contending team. Amusingly enough, he was also the guy who may have been most responsible for the Falcons losing a second shot at an NFC title. He was in on that 3rd and 16 play that should have ended the Cardinals playoff hopes.

Brooking is still productive and I imagine that he will continue to be so in D-Town, but the Falcons seem to be purging players like a busted artery and I am anxious to see the bleeding stop.

What next Thomas? Lead on.

Kansas City gets Matt Cassel:

If your name is Matthew Stafford, you have to be shaking in your warm-ups right about now. I certainly hope your pro day at Georgia on March 19 is a monster one because as of this signing, I am seeing you do a drop that rivals that of Aaron Rodgers.

By signing Cassell, the Kansas City Chiefs basically are saying we don't like what the draft has to offer in the quarterback department and we will use our picks on something better. Clearly, Detroit is starting to lean that way as well as they are silently making moves to fill key holes at cornerback, wide receiver, and running back.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that Detroit is comfortable letting Dante Culpepper take all the snaps next season as they get their team glued back together again.

Next years crop of draftees is looking much better than this one and I don't think the Lions will do themselves any harm by passing on a quarterback and opting for a offensive tackle or a linebacker.

So, if you are Stafford and you thought you were going No. 1 this year, you have to be scratching your head because it's possible now that you could fall out of the top 10 altogether.