Why It's Vital for Michigan Wolverines to Lock Down 4-Star WR Laquon Treadwell

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 6, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star wideout Laquon Treadwell will be visiting Michigan this weekend to watch the Wolverines take on Air Force, and there's a lot more at stake than just the season's first win for Brady Hoke.

The Wolverines need to lock down Treadwell ASAP and that needs to happen this weekend.

Every moment they don't have a commitment from him is another moment some other program has to try to steal him away from Ann Arbor.

According to Luke Stampini of 247Sports.com, the Florida Gators have called the wide receiver to talk about a visit:

The Florida Gators reached the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Treadwell Wednesday evening when area recruiter Bryant Young called.

“It was just about getting me down on a visit, he actually talked to my mom the most,” Treadwell said of the call from Young. “I only talked him a little bit about getting down on a visit, asked me how my season was and just about everything in that range.”

Treadwell has not set any official visits to date, stated there is a chance the Gators do receive a visit from him in the future.

“It’s a possibility. I got to talk to my mom and see if I get a chance.”

Hoke can't let this kid slip away, so it's absolutely integral that he gets Treadwell to commit to the Wolverines as soon as possible. The thing Michigan has going for them is that Treadwell will be at the Big House this weekend.

Yesterday I wrote an article on how the Wolverines can lock Treadwell up by the weekend and those concepts still apply, but now they may mean even more.

Michigan needs to go out and have a great game in order to try to erase the memory of the beat down they took at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide, an SEC team mind you.

The big knock against playing in the Big Ten is that they can't hold a candle when it comes to competing with SEC schools, and that gives a team like Florida a huge advantage when it comes to recruiting top talent over Michigan. You can throw tradition out the window, as winning truly does mean everything, and an elite talent like Treadwell is going to want to go where he can not only win, but be utilized effectively as a receiver.

If Hoke and the Wolverines can't make that lasting impression on Treadwell this weekend, there's a good chance another team will be able to make a better one. This is not FIU we're talking about showing interest in Treadwell mind you. This is the Florida Gators.

It's now become vital that Michigan locks down Treadwell. This weekend could be their best shot.

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