Laquon Treadwell: How Michigan Wolverines Can Secure 4-Star WR This Weekend

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 5, 2012


The big news surrounding Michigan football recruiting right now is that 4-star wide receiver Laquon Treadwell will be in town for the Wolverines' next matchup against Air Force this weekend.

Treadwell broke the news via his Twitter account that he will be at the game:

Michigan Vs Air Force #ImThere #GoBlue

— Laquon Treadwell (@SuccessfulQuon) September 4, 2012

It goes without saying that this is a huge moment for the Wolverines, as Treadwell would be arguably one of the biggest commitments of coach Brady Hoke's 2013 class if Michigan can reel him in.

Treadwell is one of the bigger prospect names in the country, and at 6'3", 198 pounds he's got a great combination of height, athleticism and speed that can make him a premier wideout at the college level.

He has great football instincts, field vision and solid hands. He would be a huge addition for the Wolverines, as the wide receiver position isn't something they can necessarily brag about at the moment (go watch converted quarterback Devin Garner hold down the position if you need an example).

Half the battle is getting the recruit to the visit, so Michigan is already doing pretty well, but how can they lock Treadwell up before the weekend is out?

The Wolverines do have a leg up in a few distinct categories. I've personally been to the Big House enough times to confirm that it is indeed quite impressive, so I can only imagine how the thought of playing in that stadium for Michigan's fan base would sway a recruit.

There's also the tradition of the program coupled with Hoke's "Michigan Man" routine, which he has down to a science by now. The numbers don't lie, and there's a reason Michigan's 2013 class is right behind USC for best in the land right now according to Hoke is a great recruiter and I don't doubt he'll put his best foot forward with Treadwell.

If it seems too good to be true though your intuition is spot on.

If tradition and being a "Michigan Man" could win you games, the Wolverines would be 1-0 right now instead of coming into this game 0-1 after getting demolished by Alabama, and therein lies the problem.

Like it or not, Michigan took a huge hit from a recruiting standpoint last weekend. They went out and proved that not only are they not close to Alabama's league, but they aren't even on the same planet.

The difference between the best college football program in the country and Michigan was staggering, and you'd be lying to yourself if you think top recruits couldn't see that gap. It was bigger than the Grand Canyon.

The only thing Hoke and the Wolverines can do is move on and put their national embarrassment aside, for good. A great game against Air Force would be the perfect remedy.

Treadwell will be in the house, and the Wolverines can lock him up by showcasing the offense we all know they are capable of running. Getting Denard Robinson running and in rhythm will be key, but if I'm Hoke I would be telling offensive coordinator Al Borges to hurry up and establish the run so that they could turn the passing game loose.

Robinson isn't the most accurate of quarterbacks (perhaps a huge understatement) but this is a game against Air Force. I mean no offense to the Falcons' program, but if Robinson can't string together a few passes in this game, when will he get it going through the air?

Michigan needs to prove to Treadwell, and maybe to themselves, that their program is exactly where a top-notch receiver recruit wants to be. They need to show him that their offensive system will grant him with big plays, highlights and touchdowns.

In the perfect world, receivers would be content with being incredible blockers as the offense runs the ball and controls the clock, but we all know that the quickest way to get a receiver's attention is by promising him the rock and a route that takes him directly to the end zone.

Michigan can lock Treadwell up if they show him their offensive system can do just that.


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