Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Lessons from the Cowboys-Giants Game

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 6, 2012

Tony Romo made plays with his feet Wednesday night.
Tony Romo made plays with his feet Wednesday night.Al Bello/Getty Images

Greg Schiano would surely scold us for getting ahead of ourselves, but this was one great opportunity Wednesday night to take a close look at the next two Buccaneer opponents.

We know what the Bucs are up against on Sunday. What awaits them after Carolina is incredibly formidable.

Here are some quick lessons from the Cowboys 24-17 win over the Giants.


Make Plays With Your Feet

Tony Romo did, Eli Manning didn't. Josh Freeman didn't do much of this in the preseason, but it's something he HAS to do in order for the Bucs to have success. That's what he did in 2010.

Freeman is lighter and that seemingly would make it easier for him to move around and away from pressure. That will give him more time to scan the field, and if necessary, run for a first down.


Stepping Up

Who has Kevin Ogletree on their fantasy football team? Probably no one.

Ogletree was the "other guy" among the Dallas receivers. Defenses pay attention to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. The lesson here is that if someone can step up, it can help your team pull off the victory.


No Crying In Football

The Bucs scored when they got Doug Martin ahead of David Wilson. Wilson had a reputation as a fumbler at Virginia Tech, and lo and behold, on his second carry of the game, he fumbled and lost the football. He never played another down in the backfield. Later, he was crying on the sidelines.

Lesson for the Bucs: Schiano hates fumbles as much as Tom Coughlin. If you fumble, you won't play.


Run The Football

The Cowboys found a way to run the football, the Giants didn't. Who won the game?  

DeMarco Murray rushed for 131 yards. Ahmad Bradshaw? He had 78. Now you understand why Schiano wants to run the football.


Next Man Up

The Cowboys had some offensive linemen go down early; they still managed to win.

It's all about depth. Now you know that the Bucs may have a problem. The Giants had a corner go down, next thing you know, Romo is completing a touchdown pass on the next guy.


Tough Sledding Ahead

Watching those teams should make you really uncomfortable about the next two weeks. That's why the Bucs HAVE to win on Sunday. The Giants will be in a really bad mood when they host the Bucs next week at home. They have plenty of time to prepare.


Fear DeMarcus Ware

That is self-explanatory. He had two sacks in the first half alone and is every quarterback's worst nightmare.

Yes, those were two very solid football teams on display Wednesday night. Two playoff-caliber teams. Two teams you don't want to play on the road, but that's what's in front of the Bucs.

Biggest lesson of all?

The Bucs NEED to win on Sunday.

Didn't we already say that?


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