NBA Predictions: Why Carmelo Anthony Will Rule the Court in 2012

Alex Bacon@abacon55Correspondent ISeptember 6, 2012

NBA Predictions: Why Carmelo Anthony Will Rule the Court in 2012

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    Carmelo Anthony will have his best season since joining the New York Knicks next year.

    Last year due to the lockout, the season was shortened, meaning that Anthony and the Knicks needed to hit the ground running with almost no room for error.

    The Knicks were able to finish seventh in the Eastern Conference last season and won their first playoff game in 11 years.

    Winning only one playoff game for the Knicks is still a failed season though.

    Since acquiring Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony over the past couple of years, the Knicks should be setting higher goals than one playoff win.

    Now that Anthony is accustomed to the team, not only will he have a great season, but also the Knicks will improve from last year's first round exit in the playoffs.

Jason Kidd

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    Anthony will have one of the best play-makers in the NBA on his team in Jason Kidd.

    In early July Kidd opted to join the Knicks because he thought he could help with their offense.

    Although Kidd is aging, he still can dish the ball, and that is all the Knicks need from him.

    Getting the ball to Anthony will be Kidd’s only concern.

    With the exception of last year, Kidd has averaged over 7 assists per game, every year of his career. He may be getting old, but he still can see the court and will be able to put the ball into the hands of Anthony in a scoring position.

Linsanity Is over

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    The New York Knicks and their fan base can turn their attention away from “Linsanity,” and towards what really matters.

    Jeremy Lin signed this offseason with the Houston Rockets, and now heads are turned to Anthony to lead the team.

    Since the Knicks put so much of their season into Jeremy Lin, once he got injured the team did not perform as well.

    Anthony has all the attention now, and with the attention, he will perform better. He plays better on bigger stages as we saw in the Olympics and in the NBA Playoffs.

    Now that the team is his, and nobody else is in the way, he will finally break out.

More Accustomed to Tyson Chandler and Amar'e Stoudemire

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    It takes time for superstar players to mesh with each other.

    Now that Anthony has played with Stoudemire for almost two years, he now will finally be able to share the ball with him.

    Not to mention that Anthony played in the Olympics this year. This means that he has played on the same team with the best players in America, so he has grown more accustom to playing with superstar players.

    Tyson Chandler also played on the USA Olympics team, which cannot hurt he and Anthony’s chemistry.

Less Competition in the Atlantic Division

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    The Atlantic Division has changed a lot since last year, and it could be argued that the competition is not going to be as good.

    This will give Anthony an opportunity to dominate.

    The Toronto Raptors lost Leandro Barbosa and Jerryd Bayless, their third and fourth leading scorers respectively. The loss of these two will most likely drop them down to last place in the division, despite signing Landry Fields.

    The Boston Celtics “big three” have been split up, Ray Allen is now on the Miami Heat, and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are aging.

    Andre Iguodala was part of the Dwight Howard deal and now is on the Denver Nuggets, which means that the Philadelphia 76ers will have a rough year. Also, the 76ers lost their leading scorer last year Lou Williams to the Atlanta Hawks.

    All of these players leaving the division will open up an opportunity for Anthony to have his best season so far in a Knicks uniform.