WWE: Will Dolph Ziggler Actually Win the World Championship?

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Dolph Ziggler has had some pretty bad luck since winning the Money in the Bank contract for a World Heavyweight Championship match.

Every time Ziggler tries to cash his contract in, his attempts are always thwarted.  It was bad enough to deal with Alberto Del Rio getting in the way, but last Friday Randy Orton made it clear he would also be getting in Ziggler's way.

With Del Rio and Orton robbing Ziggler of his opportunities, will he ever be able to actually win the World Heavyweight Championship?

It won't be easy to take the belt away from Sheamus, and now that Del Rio and Orton are constantly getting involved, Ziggler's chances of winning the championship seem even slimmer.

Still, it really boils down to the WWE.  Are they ready to take a leap of faith and push Ziggler into the champion role?  Will he be able to deliver? 

Even though he has the Money in the Bank contract, Ziggler's focus has been on other wrestlers as of late.  With the late feud Ziggler had with Jericho that would send Y2J packing, to his current feud building up with Orton, when will we see Ziggler's attention shift to the World Heavyweight title scene?

Ziggler has a lot to overcome if he ever plans to be champion, and in the end, it may all be too much for The Show Off.



Too Many Top Dogs

With Randy Orton returning and more than likely heading for the World Heavyweight title scene, Ziggler's chances to steal a win over Sheamus have begun to decrease.  Wade Barrett might also eventually head for the title scene, which would make Ziggler's job even harder.

There's also Alberto Del Rio, who is constantly being thrown at Sheamus as an opponent, and has gotten in Ziggler's way when he's tried to cash in his contract.

With so many possibilities swirling around the World Heavyweight title, there seems to be less and less of an opportunity for The Show Off to cash in his contract, let alone successfully win.

John Cena may have opened the flood gates when he became the first person to lose after cashing in his contract. 

Will Ziggler suffer the same fate?

The WWE was willing to give Alberto Del Rio a clean, submission victory over Randy Orton on SmackDown, yet they wouldn't give Ziggler a clean victory on Raw.

If Ziggler is going to win the title, he needs to be put on the same level as some of the other top heels in the WWE.



Will Vickie Get in the Way?

Vickie may be holding Ziggler back from getting his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.  The WWE clearly feels that Ziggler needs Vickie as a mouthpiece, or as a way for him to get heat.

Does the WWE feel he isn't ready for a real title run yet?

Vickie also seems to have a problem with General Manager A.J.  What will A.J. do once she regains her composure after being slapped in the face by Vickie on Monday night?

Will she go after Ziggler and make him put his Money in the Bank contract on the line as a form of revenge?

Vickie is getting in the way of Ziggler, and at one point, it looked like the WWE was getting ready to split the duo up.

Now it seems like these two will be sticking together, and the longer Vickie stays with Ziggler, the less it seems like the WWE thinks he's ready for a real title run.



One of the Best

Regardless of how many wrestlers will end up swirling around the Heavyweight Championship, or even how much of a role Vickie plays in deciding Ziggler's fate, he is still one of the best wrestlers in the WWE right now. 

Ziggler makes anyone he wrestles against look good and can sell moves better than anyone else in the WWE. 

He has the in-ring talent required to be a champion, but still needs the right push to seem like he could actually win the belt.

His push over Jericho slightly helped, but why wasn't Ziggler given the win at SummerSlam?  Why wait until Monday night?  It's also hard to make Ziggler seem like he has a chance at cashing in the contract when he constantly ends up with Sheamus's boot in his face.

This lack of a push could also work in Ziggler's favor.  If he keeps getting beat down by the likes of Sheamus, Orton and Del Rio, when he actually is successful at capturing the title, no one will see it coming.



A Change of Pace

Ziggler winning the championship would be a change of pace, something that the WWE could be looking for.

Sheamus and Del Rio have had more than enough time in the spotlight—so much time in fact, that they are now extremely stale and boring.

Orton has already been involved in the title scene, and while he has a solid fanbase, another title run would be repeating what was already done.

Ziggler held the title at one point in his career, but his run was so brief that it's barely worth mentioning.  Giving him a serious title run now would be something different and a change of pace from what we have seen so far throughout the year.

If the WWE is looking for new, creative ways to go, having Ziggler actually win the title would be a place to start.

Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers on the roster, and while he may have had some rotten luck when trying to cash in his contract, Ziggler will still win the championship eventually.

At this point, it's more of a matter of when, than if he will win the belt.

Ziggler will win the World Championship and hopefully have a very successful run.


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