Dolph Ziggler: A Tribute to WWE's King of Selling Moves

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2012

Dolph Ziggler: A Tribute to WWE's King of Selling Moves

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    No one makes his opponent's moves look more devastating than Dolph Ziggler.

    The entire WWE roster should be clamoring to get in the ring with him. His selling ability turns the blandest of moves into a situation where fans are legitimately worried for Ziggler's health.

    A clothesline seems like it could decapitate him. A body slam appears to shatter vertebrae.

    Call it overacting if you will, but Ziggler's dramatic responses to getting hit in the ring has made him one of the most entertaining wrestlers today.

Monkey Flip

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    In a WrestleMania 28 match no one cared about, Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder worked together to create a stunning moment.

    Ryder caught The Show Off in the corner and leaped high, his knees pressing into his opponent's chest.

    Most men would have taken Ryder's monkey flip by landing squarely on their back. Ziggler added an additional rotation, turning the move into a much richer spectacle than fans expect of it.

    He then rolled over on the mat, his arms hanging lifelessly at his sides.


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    Edge's spear, as graceful and dramatic as it was, sometimes did not appear as mighty as when a larger man did it.

    Of course, that's only true when anyone but Dolph Ziggler is at the receiving end.  Ziggler makes the move look like it has the equivalent power of a medieval battering ram.

    His body bends awkwardly. He convincingly appears to be knocked unconscious. 

    With Ziggler that out of it, as Booker T says, "You could count to 100."

Go to Sleep

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    When CM Punk's finisher is hit perfectly, it looks brutal, snapping the opponent's head back upon impact with Punk's knee. Sometimes though, the foe's size or imperfect execution by Punk has his knee hit the chest or sometimes even air.

    When Dolph Ziggler gets hit with the move, his head shoots backward as if he was hit by a Manny Pacquiao right hand.

    He then falls dramatically to the canvas, his limbs outstretched, unmoving.

    It's during a sell like this, that fans in the back of their minds have to wonder if the move may have killed him.

Brogue Kick

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    Take a listen to Booker T and Michael Cole's visceral, jubilant reaction to Sheamus knocking Dolph Ziggler out with a Brogue Kick. It's not often that the men at the announce table have that much fun.

    Can you blame them?

    The Brogue Kick is already an awesome move to watch, but Ziggler elevates it. Not only does he flip backwards, turning himself into a crash test dummy, but his head lies limply on his neck afterwards. 

    Ziggler has perfected the art of appearing concussed.

Rough Ryder

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    Zack Ryder's Rough Ryder finisher is not something anyone is going to see on UFC anytime soon. As exuberant as Ryder delivers it, it's not all the convincing a move until Ziggler takes it.

    He basically jumps in the air and sits on his opponent's upper body.

    Here at Survivor Series 2011, Ziggler makes it look like the impact sends shudders through his body, twisting pain all through his body. 

    Not only is it believable that Ryder could have pinned him after this, but it's believable that the move caused internal injuries. 

Money in the Bank 2012

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    On the night he won the Money in the Bank briefcase, Ziggler delivered two outstanding sells.

    First, Tensai threw him over the announce table. How easily that could have been a forgettable, standard move.

    Instead, Ziggler makes Tensai look like he possesses The Incredible Hulk's strength by hurling himself into one of the chairs at the desk. Ziggler is fearless about flipping over in spite of the danger of landing on his head.

    Later that night, Ziggler takes a Brogue Kick for the ages.

    He falls back incredibly quick, snapping back like Sheamus' boot was an oncoming truck.