To Detroit Lions Fans, Patience Is a Virtue

Chris AugdahlContributor IMarch 1, 2009

Memo to all Lions Fans "Patience is a Virtue"...and..."good things come to those that  wait."

So far in this early Free Agency period, I'm pleased with what the new regime has done.  They are not overpaying for free agents as Mr. Snyder of the Washington Redskins has done so far in claiming Albert Haynesworth, Dockery, and Deangelo Hall.

Although Mayhew and company tried to lure these free agents, they didnt succumb to the pressure of the "do it all now" mentality as their predecessor Matt Millen tried to show in his tenure. 

Looking at the big picture if Haynesworth would of come to the Lions, how great could he be?  With no linebackers and other supporting defensive lineman to help him out I'm not positive his production would warrant his contract given. 

Let's also look at that possible trade for Matt Cassell that Mayhew tried to work out.  Even if Cassell would of become a Lion, I'm also positive his numbers wouldn't be half of what they were with a talented Patriots team.  With no offensive line to protect him and only one GREAT wide receiver to throw to in Calvin Johnson, Cassell in my opinion would of been a bust in 2009. 

Let us also not forget the offensive lineman we thought were going to help in Damien Woody and Mulatalio, looking back how did that work out?

I'm pleased so far with the additions they are making.  Maurice Morris is an upgrade to any of the backup running backs on the roster and they didn't have to break the bank to get him.  

The signing of a veteran wide receiver to compete for the number two spot in Bryant Johnson also is an upgrade and I'm sure that Mayhew and company are not done in trying to lure Nate Washington to the Lions. 

Finally the trade of John Kitna to the Dallas Cowboys , who would of been cut anyways, for a six year starting cornerback in Anthony Henry shows Mayhew is working to get at least something for nothing.

Yes I understand the debate that these free agents so far are not the "big names" but the rebuilding process will be from the bottom up, through the Draft and free agency.  So Lions Fans remember "Patience is a virtue" and "good things come to those that wait."