5 Philadelphia 76ers Who Will Benefit Most from Andrew Bynum Trade

Michael FoglianoAnalyst ISeptember 3, 2012

5 Philadelphia 76ers Who Will Benefit Most from Andrew Bynum Trade

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    With Andrew Bynum now in Philadelphia, a lot is changing for the better.

    The team has revamped itself by adding necessary shooters, a legit post presence and has rightfully handed down the reigns to youth like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner. 

    I never thought I'd actually come to say this (especially this season), but the Sixers' front office got it right.

    Now let's see exactly who will benefit from this acquisition greatly.

The Shooters

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    Alright, it's not exactly one player, but every shooter on this squad will benefit from having Bynum on the court.

    Young shot a career 38 percent from three, Wright 37 percent (and two seasons ago led the league in three-pointers made in a season), and Richardson shot nearly 40 percent from three-point range over the last five years.

    Young, Wright and  Richardson—evidently all premier three-point shooters as it is. Then when you put Bynum on the court and he forces the defense to load on him? That leaves an open perimeter almost all of the time.

    This is nothing more than a shooter's dream.

Jrue Holiday

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    Jrue Holiday is supposed to be the point guard of the future. While Holiday has been a solid point guard for the Sixers over the last few years, this year he should fully break out.

    This year he has a legit post presence to feed the ball to. In fact, they'll feed off each other. 

    Holiday has averaged for his career just five assists per game. Although not terrible, he's capable of doing more, and adding Bynum as a target just increases the likelihood of better assists numbers for Holiday.

    In Bynum's favor, it gives him more looks than he saw in Los Angeles playing next to ball-dominant players like Kobe Bryant

    He certainly has potential to be a top point guard in the league and Bynum will help Holiday achieve this.

Evan Turner

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    After being drafted second overall two years ago, Evan Turner always had pressure on his shoulders.

    Unfortunately, he didn't see the amount of playing time he desired. But this year with Andre Iguodala out of the picture and Bynum here to take some pressure off his shoulders, Turner is walking into the perfect environment to excel.

    Turner will take on the role of distributing the ball along with Holiday, but he will also penetrate the lane whenever he can.

    When Bynum's on the court, he has full control of the paint, so if he wants to make a lane for Turner (whether it'd be by setting a pick or flashing high post), he'll get it done. Plus, if he ever runs into trouble getting double-teamed, he can always kick it out to Turner.

Spencer Hawes

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    I'd like to believe that every other big man will benefit playing next to Bynum because a lot of pressure is off, but Bynum helps Hawes in two cases.

    When looking from the perspective with Hawes at power forward, he becomes the perfect complement to Bynum by being a pass-type forward. Plus, he'll almost always have the size advantage which allows him to become a bigger presence on both ends of the floor.

    And at the same time, you can also look at him coming off the bench. This has always been the case with Hawes: mediocre to start at center, but great to have come off the bench.

    Hawes has always been a good fit for the system, he just isn't meant to be the No. 1 option down low. With Bynum here, Hawes' role will be justified and manageable for him.

Andrew Bynum

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    Whether obvious or not, this trade greatly benefits Bynum himself.

    In Philadelphia, he will no longer be a third option. Considering he averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game as a third option last season with the Lakers, imagine what he can do as the primary offensive guy.

    He's playing with young guys who like to run the floor and is next to solid complementary pieces down low. The ceiling of potential is endless for him.

    It's just scary.

    You tell me, who is going to stop this man? Brook Lopez? Tyson Chandler? Roy Hibbert? With Dwight Howard out of the Eastern Conference, Bynum is hands down the most dominant force in the East.

    At just 24 years of age and already having a few years of experience and learning under his belt as an alternate option, it's time for a new step in his career. Consequently so, Bynum has walked into the perfect environment at the perfect time.