Detroit Lions' Losing Streak, How Far is the Rabbit Hole?

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIFebruary 28, 2009

So we all know the Detroit Lions went 0-16 last season, but did you know that they also lost their last game of the 2007 season?

Interesting to note: The Lions went 1-7 in their final eight games of that same 2007 season.

Imagine if they had gone 0-8 to end the season?

We would now be looking in awe of a 24-game losing streak, just two shy of the Bucs record of 26.

Sadly, or thankfully, that is not the case. The Lions are on a mere 17-game losing streak.

What does this mean?

It means unless they start out 0-10, they will not own the longest regular season losing streak in NFL history.


Let's look at their 2009 schedule:


Chicago: A maybe, depending on the quarter back situation for both teams.

Green Bay: At home, there's a slight possibility, but Pack defense will probably be better.

Minnesota: Unlikely, Frerotte will not be Vikes quarterback.

Arizona: With Kurt Warner, hell no. With Leinart? 50/50.

St. Louis: Rams have made improvements, but this game will probably be too close too call.

Cleveland: If the Browns have a quarter back...still 50/50.

Pittsburgh: No.

Philly or Washington: No and no.


Chicago: In Chicago? The Bear's fans would kill their own team.

Green Bay: Winless (0-18) now at Lambeau?

Minnesota: Unlikely.

San Francisco: Highly unlikely with Singletary coaching.

Seattle: A fair chance, a team in rebuild mode.

Baltimore: When?

Cincinnati: A fair chance, unless Palmer's healthy, then no.

Tampa or New Orleans: Both long-shots, but the Saints defense has blown games.

I predict the Lions go 3-13 myself.

Once the times are released I will go game by game.