Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks: Live Game Grades and Player Analysis

Jeff Spiegel@jeffspiegelContributor IIAugust 31, 2012

Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks: Live Game Grades and Player Analysis

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    It's tough to say there's a lot of positives to be gained from this game, but losing 21-3 to one of the worst teams in the league isn't easy to swallow — even in the preseason.

    While the Raiders were able to avoid turning the ball over (except for a special teams fumble), punting the ball every time doesn't make you feel much better. Defensively, the Raiders had series in which they played well, but when the offense doesn't score anything, they needed to be perfect (and they weren't).

Terrelle Pryor: B

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    Terrelle Pryor

    Overall grade - B

    He wasn't bad but he wasn't great — for Pryor, however, that can be seen as progress. His passes were far more accurate than at the beginning of the preseason, so if he ever finds the right balance between running and passing, Pryor could be a usable weapon in the near future.

    Q4 - B

    Another un-impressive quarter put forth by Pryor, but in the grand scheme of the entire game, it was just about the best thing to happen to Oakland. Pryor made a few nice throws in the final drive to get the Raiders on the board with a field goal.

    Q3 - B

    Like Leinart, Pryor got just three pass attempts in his first quarter of action, however, Pryor looked slightly more comfortable and effective. His best play was the one in which he eluded the defensive lineman and lobbed a pass up to a wide open receiver down field. Was it a perfect pass? No. Did it work? Yes.


    Matt Leinart

    Overall game grade - D+

    While the offensive line didn't do Leinart any favors, he passed that feeling along to the receivers by throwing behind them consistently. The second-string job is still Leinart's for now, however, if he struggles in limited action, the calls for Pryor will come loud and clear.

    Q2 - D

    After a 1/3 first quarter, Leinart went just 2/8 in the second quarter, including an interception. Unfortunately for Leinart, that stat line is a pretty accurate reflection of his performance. With lots of passes behind his receivers, Leinart wasn't doing anyone a favor.

    Q1 - B-

    With just three pass attempts, Leinart didn't have a lot of time to prove himself, but he looked flustered for most of the quarter thanks to weak pass protection. Leinart did make a nice pass to the rookie Brandon Carswell, but Carswell juggled it heading out of bounds, leading to an incompletion.

    I'm guessing Leinart will get a few more reps in the second quarter, so we'll see if he's got a few decent passes left in the tank. He wasn't bad, but if Pryor impresses again, this won't bode well for Leinart.

Offense: C+

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    Overall - C+

    At least they scored, right? While a late-quarter field goal prevented the goose egg, Mike Goodson and Eddie McGee provided a couple bright spots for the Raiders to look to in the coming week. That said, there's lots to do in practice this week. LOTS.

    In 10 drives, the Raiders punted eight times, surrendered a safety and scored a late field goal.

    4Q - B

    I guess a field goal earns them the bump from B- to B, but it wasn't anything to be proud of.

    3Q - B-

    Until the Raiders score it will be tough to grade them much better than this, but at least their running back (Mike Goodson) proved to be a bit more effective than Jones was earlier. That combined with Pryor's presence gave the Raiders a slight bump.

    2Q - C+

    More of the same for the Raiders offense, as Leinart struggled and the line continued to leave much to be desired. Zero points at halftime is never good for business.

    1Q - C+

    With the lone bright spot being a couple nice runs from Taiwan Jones, the Raiders offense has continued its preseason sputter. Not quite sure who's to blame here, but the offensive line definitely wasn't impressive, although Oakland receivers didn't do much to help their cause.

    Lets hope Oakland can pick things up offensively and get into scoring range sometime before the half.

Defense: C-

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    Overall - C-

    21 points might seem pedestrian for some people, but against a team like the Seahawks, Dennis Allen and the Raiders are going to need to do better. Sure, they've been missing some of their top players, but that's not much of an excuse for a performance like this.

    Q4 - B+

    Finally the Raiders defense pitched a shutout - sort of. The offense surrendered a safety, but at least the defense finally did their part. Again, nothing to be proud of, but at least they went out on a positive note.

    Q3 - C

    Six more points on the board and the Raiders continue to be underwhelming on both sides of the football. The defense isn't the reason the Raiders are going to lose this game, but they also don't have a whole lot to complain about.

    Q2 - C

    With 10 more points on the board for the Seahawks, the Raiders defense hasn't been impressive. Sure, the Seahawks got the benefit of a Raiders turnover deep in their own territory, but the defense is going to be needed to do more than this if the offense continues to struggle.

    Q1 - B

    While just three points may appear to be a nice performance from the Raiders defensive unit, the score is a bit misleading. While Oakland's defense started out playing well, they struggled down the stretch and allowed rookie Russell Wilson to do whatever he wanted on Seattle's lone scoring drive.

    Oakland's corners will need to tighten up the coverage, otherwise this score could get out of hand quickly.

Special Teams: D-

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    Overall - D-

    Anytime you lose the ball on special teams, it's something to focus on in the next week. Without Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore back to field kicks, the Raiders weren't expecting too much, but at the very least they need to hang onto the ball.

    Q4 - B+

    Finally putting points on the board, the Raiders special teams unit got a field goal through the uprights to prevent the shutout. Bryan McAnn also put in a nice return, so the like the offense and defense, at least there was some improvement.

    Q3 - C-

    Hey, at least they didn't hurt the Raiders this quarter, right?

    Q2 - F

    One thing you can't do on special teams is turn the ball over, which they did. That alone is deserving of an "F" grade.

    Q1 - NA

    Not a whole lot to see here, so we'll reserve judgment for later in the game.

Coaching: D-

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    Overall - D-

    Four games into his coaching career, Allen has only notched one win thus far. While the preseason is far from meaningful, there are certain signs you can take from most games and the lack of effort this week doesn't reflect well on Allen.

    Q4 - D+

    The Raiders kept playing and did improve, but the fourth was far from uplifting. Allen needs to get these guys fired up for their next game, because an effort like this will leave them with an "L" every week in the regular season.

    Q3 - D-

    Clearly the halftime speech didn't do much to inspire much effort in the second half as the Raiders continue to seem lifeless. This isn't the way Allen hoped to head into the regular season.

    Q2 - D

    As long as your team is getting shutout, you're not doing something right. Allen better fire up the troops in the second half if the Raiders want to show up.

    Q1 - NA

    Like the special teams unit, we'll need at least another quarter before we can pass judgment here.