Raiders; Offseason Wish List

drew pollockContributor IFebruary 27, 2009

As free agency began for the NFL last evening at 12:01 EST, I cannot help but wonder what will Al and my beloved Raiders do in today's market?  We all know the failures that were cast upon us in last years spending spree, and I am personally tired of waiting for success on and off the field, and my Patience is running thin.  All that being said, I do not want Al to mortgage the future with more idiotic contracts.  I do have some suggestions, or call it a wish list for this offseason. 

Offense: THE LINE: I have read it has been said that Cable likes the Ravens C Brown, and I believe that would be a great hire, it would also move Grove(if resigned) to OG.  My analysis is that we need to sign mid-tier FA Ray Willis from Seattle a 6'6" 315 long armed, RT who can move to the left if needed, he plays well in space and has great footwork in a ZB line scheme.

RECEIVER'S: Signing a vet is a must, and local product Drew Bennett is a tall productive vet looking to prove he can still do it, he would be cheap as would resigning Drew Carter.

DEFENSE:  Chris McAllister CB from the Ravens also would a cheap veteran pick-up, my belief is it would be pertinent to have him groom Michael Huff for a move to cornerback (remember Nnamdi was a FS at Cal).  I think Huff has to much talent to be wasted playing safety, when he be a physical corner.  Resign Baker(FS).  I would also be interested in acquiring LB Bobby Carpenter who seems to lost favor in Dallas, and I hear can be had for a song.

DRAFT:  I have three last wishes Santa. the first is MLB Rey Maleauga from USC, a big, bad bastard who will allow Morrison to slide to the outside and complete the LBacking corp and provide the kind of violent attitude we have lacked for years at that position.  My second desire would be to trade back up to the first round to acquire Brain Robiskie WR from OSU, his combine was beautiful to see, and he will not last until the second round(he is also a raider legacy).  Lastly I believe it to be crucial to find a helper at tight end to allow Zac Miller more freedom to grow.

I know it is alot to ask, and wish for.  Please take a look and tell me what you feel about the players I have talked about today.  Raider Nation.